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Are you setting up an electric fence and looking for the best electric fence charger? Or are you wanting to replace your existing one with a better one? Through personal experience and lots of research, we’ve put together this list of the best electric fence energizers.

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Electric fence chargers are most commonly rated by the amount of miles of fence it will charge or the amount of acres they will cover. However, in my experience, that rating is only true under the best case scenario which is rarely the case on a farm.

Fences short out all of the time from grass, tree branches, or even the fence posts themselves. Because of this, I highly recommend getting a charger that is stronger than what you think you’ll need.

Having a stronger charger will help keep your fence strong even when those things happen. And when trying to keep animals in, it’s always better to have a stronger fence charger than one that’s too weak.

With all that being said, below are our favorite electric fence chargers to make sure your farm fence keeps your animals in.

And if you are looking for a solar charger, check out our article on the best solar electric fence chargers.



The Overall Best Electric Fence Charger

I personally own this electric fence charger and have for about 5 years. The reason I bought it was because it is the best in my opinion and it has never let me down.

This is the strongest dual-power electric fence charger made by Patriot meaning it can be run off of both a 110 – 120 volt plug or a 12 volt battery. It will charge up to 65 miles or 200 acres of fence.

The only issue I have ever had with it was when the power adapter got really wet from the rain and shorted out. And by really wet, I mean it was practically sitting in a puddle.  I called up Patriot and they replaced it with no problem.



Another Great Electric Fence Charger

If I weren’t going to buy the patriot then I would purchase this Zareba electric fence charger. With a 4 joule output, it can charge up to 75 miles of fence.

This is a pure AC electric fence charger so you cannot use a battery with it. However, if you only need one that will be plugged into an electrical outlet, this is a great fence charger.



Best Battery Powered DC Electric Fence Charger

If you are looking for a pure battery powered DC electric fence charger than this is a great option. It can charge up to 25 miles of fence.

This charger will operate around 4 – 5 weeks on a good deep cycle battery before it needs to be recharged. It does not come with a battery so you will need to provide your own.

These types of chargers are great for temporary set ups that are too far away from a power source. If you have two deep cycle batteries then you can charge one while the other is being used and swap them whenever the one in use gets too low.



Best Electric Fence Charger for a Small Area

If you need an electric fence charger for a small area of fence then this is a great charger for a great price. The Patriot PE10 will charge up to 1,1584 of fence. This is great for things like chicken coops, small livestock paddocks, or predator fences.



Electric Fence Ground Rods Kit

In order for your electric fence charger to work correctly, it needs to be grounded well. Instead of buying all the individual pieces, this ground rod kit comes with everything you need to connect your ground rods to your electric fence charger.



Insulated Electric Fence Wire

This insulated electric fence wire is great for connecting your fence to your charger. You can bury it or just leave it on top of the ground. Either way, the insulation will keep it from shorting out.

With up to 50 feet, you’ll have a pretty good amount to cover the distance between your charger and your fence. This can even be used to connect your charger to your ground rounds.



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