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Are you looking for polywire, aluminum, steel, high-tinsel, or insulated wire for your electric fence? If so, here are the best electric fence wires this year for all the various fence types.

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All electric fence wire is not the same. There are different types based on the kind of farm fence you’ll be setting up.

If you’ll be setting up a semi-permanent or rotational grazing system, polywire is a great choice. It’s way more flexible and much easier to roll up and move around when necessary.

If you are setting up a permanent fence then metal fence wire is better. However, not all metal fence wire is created equal.

Some electric fence wire is made of aluminum which is cheaper and more flexible than steel. But aluminum fence wire is not as strong and sturdy as steel fence wire so steel may be a better option in the long run.

Either way, here are our favorites based on what type of electric fence you’ll be setting up.



Best Electric Fence Polywire

This Gallagher Turbo Wire is the best electric fence polywire in my opinion. I personally use it on my farm for my pigs, goats, and other animals and it works great.

It has 9 metal strands woven throughout the strands of plastic. Not only is it very conductive, it’s also very tough.

One of the things I love about polywire is that you can tie it together very easily when needing to connect two pieces. It also reels up very easily making it great for portable fence set ups.

The Gallagher Turbo wire has outlasted other polywire I have used on my farm making it my personal favorite.



Best Electric Fence Polywire (Budget)

If you want to save some money, this Gallagher Polywire is the best electric fence wire in my opinion if you are on a budget.

I have personally used this polywire on my farm and it works well. The Gallagher Turbo Wire is rated for longer distances but I have found that this polywire still seems to work well over long distances too.

This polywire only has 6 metal strands woven throughout the strands of plastic compared to the 9 strands in the Gallagher Turbo Wire. It still does a great job of keeping my animals in though.

This polywire does seem to short out a little easier than the Turbo Wire when tying it together but that’s not a common occurrence.

All in all, if you want to save some money, this Gallagher Polywire is a great choice.



Best Electric Fence Wire (Aluminum)

Aluminum wire is 4 times more conductive than steel making it great at keeping your animals in.

It is also a lot more flexible than steel wire so it’s easier to bend and tie together. It also weighs a lot less.

I find that aluminum metal wire is better for a more permanent set up using t-posts or wooden posts than trying to use it for a temporary set up with step in or fiberglass posts.

If you are wanting to build this type of fence set up then this Field Guardian 16-Gauge Aluminum Wire is the best electric fence wire made of aluminum.



Best Electric Fence Wire (Steel)

Steel wire is much stronger than aluminum wire and will stand up longer to abuse. It is less flexible than aluminum but that’s the trade-off you get for being able to utilize a stronger fence wire.

If you are building a high-tinsel fence system then this Field Guardian 17-Gauge Galvanized Steel Wire is our pick for best electric fence wire made of steel.



Best Electric Fence Wire (Insulated)

When you need to run wire under gates, from your charger to the fence, or to connect multiple paddocks together, you’ll probably want to use insulated wire.

Because it’s insulated, it can either be buried or laid on top of the ground. Either way, the insulation will prevent it from shorting your fence out.

This Field Guardian 12.5-Gauge Wire is our pick for best electric fence wire that’s insulated.



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