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The 3 Best Egg Incubators in 2020

Are you wanting to hatch some baby chicks, ducks, or other birds? Here are the best egg incubators that are sure to make hatching chicken eggs, duck eggs, and other bird as easy as possible.

The 2 Best Chicken Wire Fences in 2020

Are you looking for fencing to keep your chickens in and keep predators out? I want to share with you the best chicken wire fences that you can use when building chicken coops, chicken runs, or just fenced in areas for your chickens to free-rage.

The 5 Best Feed Scoops in 2020

Are you looking for a feed scoop for your chickens, horses, goats, pigs, cows, dogs, cats, and other farm animals? Here are the best feed scoops based on size and type that will for all your animals.

The 5 Best Heated Chicken Waterers in 2020

Keeping your chicken's drinking water from freezing in the winter shouldn't be a chore. Here are the best heated chicken waterers to make sure your chickens always have fresh drinking water on those cold winter days.

The Ultimate Guide for Raising Pigs in 2020

Raising pigs is my favorite farming activity. And because of that, I’ve spent the last several years developing systems that make it much easier to raise hogs and manage them on my farm. If you are wanting to raise pigs yourself, I would love to share everything I know with you and more.

The 3 Best Piglet Nipples in 2020

Are you looking for piglet nipples for a piglet waterer? Or are you looking for replacements for existing ones? Look no further! Here is our pick for the best piglet nipples in 2020.

The 4 Best Electric Fence Chargers in 2020

Are you setting up an electric fence and looking for the best electric fence charger? Or are you wanting to replace your existing one with a better one? Through personal experience and lots of research, we've put together this list of the 4 best electric fence energizers.

The 3 Best Pig Fences in 2020

Are you looking for fence options for your hogs? Here are the best pig fences in 2020. Whether you are putting your pigs on pasture, building stationary paddocks, or fencing an entire field, we've got you covered.

The Best Pig Feed in 2020

With so many different brands and types of pig feed, finding the right one for your hogs can be tough. The good news is that we've done all the work for you. In this article we not only cover all the different types of pig feed, we will give you a recommendation for each one.

The 2 Best Heated Pig Waterers in 2020

Do you raise pigs and have to deal with freezing water in the winter? Here are the 2 best heated pig waterers in 2020. One is a budget friendly option while the other is the best overall option if you want a great long-term solution.

The 5 Best Pig Feeders in 2020

Whether you are looking for the best pig feeder for a large herd, small herd, piglets, sow, or a single pig, we have carefully selected the best hog feeders available this year. Each feeder has been carefully selected for the different needs you may have depending on how you raise your pigs.

The 3 Best Pig Waterers in 2020

Are you needing a hog waterer or an automatic pig waterer for your pigs? Here are 3 of the best pig waterers that serve 3 different purposes depending on how your raise your pigs.

105+ Ways to Make Money Farming a Small Farm in 2020

Are you looking for ways to make money farming, even on a small farm with small acreage? I have put together a detailed list of more than 105 ways that you can make money from your own farm along with lots of additional resources to help you get started. With a list this large, some of these will surprise you!

What You Need to Know About the Coronavirus and Our Food System

According to the World Health Organization, coronaviruses are zoonotic, meaning they are transmitted between animals and people. No one is sure which animal the current coronavirus outbreak started with before it was transferred to humans but the search continues. So what conditions allow viruses like this one to flourish in the first place? And what can be done to prevent viruses like this from spreading in the future?

Find Your Farmer Voice

Being a small farmer can have it’s challenges. At times, it can feel like the modern agricultural policies are stacked against you. This is especially true if you are selling the food you produce on your farm directly to the consumer. Because of this, it is important that you join organizations that support and protect small farmers like yourself and give farmers a voice. Previously, these types of organizations would keep farmers informed through radio, newspaper, and local gatherings. But now in the Internet age, it’s easier than ever to stay informed and reach out for help when you need it. Here are a few these organizations that we really love.

Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense FundFarm and Ranch Freedom AllianceCommunity Farm Alliance


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