Last Updated on May 25, 2022

Are you trying to decide between a Stihl Farm Boss chainsaw and a Husqvarna Rancher chainsaw? In this article, we review these two chainsaw models and cover all the important features you should consider when purchasing a new saw.

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A lot of farmers will settle with a cheaper chainsaw only to realize later that they’ve made a mistake. The fact of the matter is that if you are using a chainsaw frequently on your farm then you should look for one with enough power to get through whatever job you plan on doing.

A mid-range chainsaw is probably more than sufficient for your needs but which one should you buy? Both the Stihl MS 271 Farm Boss Chainsaw and the Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chainsaw are awesome chainsaws and will get the job done. But which one is better?

A chainsaw is also an important piece of equipment on a farm. Because of that, we have included it in our list of essential farm tools. We also have a much larger article on the best farm chainsaw that cover these saws and more.

With all that being said, here is our review of the Stihl Farm Boss vs the Husqvarna Rancher.



Stihl MS 271 Farm Boss Chainsaw Review

The Stihl MS 271 Farm Boss Chainsaw is the next generation of chainsaw after the mighty MS 270. This chainsaw is not an entry-level model, but a mid-range saw that costs a little more than the average chainsaw.

The Stihl MS 271 Farm Boss Chainsaw is best for homeowners who use chainsaws frequently or have a large property that needs to be constantly cut. It has an advanced engine which allows it to run longer without needing maintenance, and its anti-vibration system is specially designed for extended periods of work.

One of the most notable advantages it has over its predecessors is its highly efficient engine which allows it to last  up to 20% longer than the previous model. This saw is also designed for farmers and large properties, and its features make it ideal for cutting firewood and felling trees.

The MS 271 Farm Boss Chainsaw is built with a powerful 18″ bar which can rip through trees with relative ease. It also has an advanced air filtration system which prevents the filter from clogging up, allowing it to work for longer periods without requiring maintenance. In fact, MS 271’s air filter lasts up to five times longer than most air filters on the market.

Besides its powerful engine and high-performance 18″ bar, this chainsaw also has a number of interesting features that will come in handy if you need to use your chainsaw in emergency situations. First is its dual hand guard, which provides extra protection for your hands and makes it easier to grip the chainsaw even in wet or cold conditions.

It also has a low-kickback bar and an automatic chain oiler which ensures your saw works smoothly without any interruptions for maintenance. Most importantly, this model is designed with an anti-vibration dampening system that reduces vibrations by up to 50%. This feature will not only make your work more comfortable, but it also reduces the risk of developing fatigue after extended use.

Users of Stihl MS 271 Farm Boss Chainsaw give it great reviews. Many users appreciate its power and cutting ability, but there had been few people who  complained that this chainsaw stops working suddenly after years of usage.



  • 50.2 cc engine
  • 18″ bar length
  • 12.3 lbs powerhead weight
  • .325″ RM3 chain
  • 8.12 oz. Chain oil capacity
  • 3.49 bhp Engine power
  • 16.9 oz. Fuel tank capacity
  • 3.06 cu. in. Displacement



  • Reduced-Emission Engine Technology – With this technology, you can be reassured that this chainsaw is environment-friendly because it produces zero to low exhaust emissions. It is cleaner than the EPA and/or CARB exhaust emission standards
  • Made in the USA
  • Pre-Separation Air Filtration System – This technology improves the efficiency of the chainsaw engine’s air filter system, which results to a lesser need for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Anti-vibration system – This system reduces the vibration of the chainsaw for a smoother working experience.
  • Side Access Chain Tensioner
  • Front hand guard
  • Bumper Spikes
  • Chain brake
  • Automatic chain oiler
  • Gas-powered chainsaw



Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chainsaw Review

The Husqvarna 455 Rancher is another mid-range chainsaw that is suitable for homeowners who need a gas-powered chainsaw for light to medium duty work. In short, it’s a great all-around saw. 

It has a powerful 20″ bar which can cut through trees with relative ease. It also comes standard with an adjustable rear handle, along with the regular anti-vibration system and low-kickback bar you would expect. This saw’s engine is slightly more powerful than that of the MS 271 Farm Boss Chainsaw.

The Husqvarna 455 Rancher chainsaw has a two-cycle engine that has a power output of 4.5 HP, which makes it slightly more suitable for cutting larger trees than the Stihl Farm Boss Chainsaw.

It’s also very portable and can be easily adjusted to fit your working environment without sacrificing quality. When using Husqvarna 455 Rancher chainsaw, it’s best to use ethanol-free gas.

Because of a unique feature called the X-Torq, the Husqvarna 455 Rancher requires lower fuel consumption than most other gas chainsaws, which allows it to run for longer periods of time and makes it a more efficient choice if you need to cut a lot of wood. It also reduces emissions, making it more environmentally friendly. So, if you are looking for a saw that can work quickly and efficiently with less noise pollution, then this model might be the better choice.

Users of the Husqvarna 455 Rancher praise it for its durability, easy starting, and anti-vibration system.  It is also more powerful than the Stihl MS 271 Farm Boss Chainsaw, making it better fitted for larger projects. However, some customers find this saw’s weight to be slightly less compact than other models such as the MS 271 Farm Boss Chainsaw.

It’s also worthy to mention that the Husqvarna Rancher chainsaw has models other than the 455 model. Other Husqvarna models include the 455 and 460.



  • 55.5cc 2-cycle engine power
  • 18″ – 20″ bar lengths
  • 3.49 hp Power output
  • Maximum power speed of 9000 rpm
  • 12.8 lbs weight
  • 11.2 oz. Chain oil capacity
  • 14.4 oz. Fuel tank capacity



  • X-Torq – A unique feature in Husqvarna chainsaw which lowers the saw’s fuel consumption and reduces its exhaust emission levels in accordance with environment regulation. X-Torq helps to reduce the amount of fuel consumed by up to 20 percent and it also reduces emissions up to 60 percent.
  • Quick-release air filter – Facilitates the cleaning and replacement of the air filter of the saw.
  • Combined choke/stop control – Allows for easier starting and reduces the risk of engine flooding.
  • Air Injection – Centrifugal air cleaning system removes larger dust and debris particles before reaching the air filter. This results in reduced air filter cleanings and improved engine life.
  • Side-mounted chain tensioner – Easier access to chain tensioning device.
  • Three-piece crankshaft – Forged three-piece crankshaft for maximum durability for the toughest applications.
  • Front handle ergonomics – Better grip and a 7″ offset handle reduces fatigue.
  • LowVibⓇ – Its anti-vibration system which was designed to reduce vibration and therefore lessen fatigue.
  • The Smart Start engine technology allows for easy start-up. After extended use, It only takes a couple of minutes to cool down after an extended use before the saw fires right back again.
  • The 20 inch blade is excellent and makes it easy to cut very large trees and get it cut for firewood in an incredibly short amount of time.
  • Its automatic chain oiler delivers a steady supply of bar and chain oil for safe use.


Which to Choose? Stihl Farm Boss vs Husqvarna Rancher

This time both chainsaws are very similar in price and power. If you do not need a saw for large projects, the Stihl MS 271 Farm Boss Chainsaw is an excellent choice. It has great features that make it ideal for cutting trees on a regular basis, and its price is relatively more affordable than the Rancher.

However, if you need a chainsaw with more power and a larger cutting ability, the Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chainsaw is a better choice. The Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chainsaw has better blades and can be used for longer periods of time without requiring maintenance. It’s important to mention that both models offer excellent service as mid-range chainsaws.


Is Husqvarna better than Stihl?

Personally, I prefer the Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chainsaw because it has a powerful engine and a durable design. I can vouch for this model since it’s the one that my family uses. It’s great for cutting wood at home or on more professional jobs even, making it a very versatile chainsaw to have.


Is the Husqvarna Rancher worth it?

The 455 Rancher chainsaw has the best value for for what you get. This saw has very efficient construction speed and is a very well built product.


What to Consider When Purchasing a Farm Chainsaw

When it comes to purchasing a farm chainsaw, there are a few key factors you need to keep in mind. The size of the saw is important, as you want something that can handle the tough jobs but is still manageable for you.

The size of engine is also crucial as this will affect how much power the saw has. Other things to consider include the length of the guide bar and chain, as well as the weight of the saw itself.

With all of these factors in mind, you should be able to find the perfect chainsaw for your needs.

If you’re not sure where to start, there are a few good brands out there that make quality chainsaws specifically for farm use. Stihl and Husqvarna are two of the most popular and that’s why we are reviewing them in this article.

Purchasing a farm chainsaw is a big investment, but if you choose wisely, it will be a tool you can use for years to come. With a little bit of knowledge and some careful consideration, you’re sure to find the perfect chainsaw for your needs.




In conclusion, the Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chainsaw is a powerful chainsaw suitable for both light and heavy-duty projects at home or on a professional job. It’s also eco-friendly and offers reduced fuel consumption.

The Stihl MS 271 Farm Boss Chainsaw is a great all-around saw that does not compromise cutting ability for convenience. While it’s not as powerful, it can easily handle regular household projects.

How about you? What chainsaw do you prefer? Which one would you choose if given the option?