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Do you need a farming hat? Here are the best farmer hats to keep the sun out of your eyes and keep you cool on the farm.

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Having the right outerwear while farming is important. You need to be as comfortable as possible while working on your farm and a good hat is a big part of that. In fact, a hat can be considered one of the best farm tools you own. With that being said, here is a list of our favorites.


Best Straw Farmer Hat

If you are looking for a wide brim straw hat to keep the sun out of your eyes and off your neck while working on the farm, this is it.

I personally own one of these types of hats and they are great for working in the garden or any other type of work on the farm.

It’s hard to find a hat the breathes this well and has a brim this wide.

Because of that, this is our choice for best farmer hat that’s a straw hat.



Best Cowboy Farmer Hat

If you are more into a cowboy style farm hit, this Western Express hat is a great choice.

This white straw hat has an elastic enclosure to help it fit snug on your head.

Not only does it have the classic cowboy style look, it is also tough so it should stand up to the abuse it might receive on the farm.

This is our choice for best farmer hat that’s a cowboy hat.



Best Felt Farmer Hat

If you are more into a felt style hat, this Scala Classico Crushable hat looks great.

One of the best things about this hat is the fact that it can be bent and smashed and it will still return to its original shape.

It is made from 100% wool felt and has a faux-leather band around it.

This is our choice for best farmer hat that’s made of felt.



Best John Deere Farmer Hat (Pick Your State)

If you like John Deere then you’ll love this hat.

It comes in 50 different designs based on the state you want pictured on the hat.

On the Amazon product page you can choose your state to see what it will look like before you order it.

It is a mesh style trucker hat and should help you to keep cool on those hot days on the farm.

This is our choice for best John Deere farmer hat.



Best Case IH Farmer Hat

If you bleed red instead of green then check out this Case IH hat.

With the big IH logo on the front, everyone is sure to see which brand you are loyal to.

It has a snap-back closure is is made of 100% cotton.

This is our choice for best Case IH farmer hat.



Best Farmall Farmer Hat

Farmall was one of the most popular brands of tractors during its time. And because of that, they are now one of the most popular collector tractors in America.

This Farmall hat has Velcro closure and a distressed finish.

The large Farmall logo on the front his hard to miss.

This is our choice for best Farmall farmer hat.



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