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Looking for a pocket knife that will hold up to everyday use on the farm? Here is the best pocket knife for a farmer.

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If there’s one tool that makes mankind “a cut above” the animals, it’s a knife. The ability to cleanly and precisely separate two things that didn’t want to be cut apart allowed us to cook, hunt, craft our way to the top of the food chain, not to mention defend ourselves against nature and each other.

On the farm, a pocket knife can be one of the most versatile farm tools you’ll own. You’ll find yourself using it way more than you can imagine.

Here we review a few of the best pocket knives out there so you can find the one you’ll love.


1. Overall Best Pocket Knife

If you want an everyday carry pocket knife with the feel and size of a fixed blade, with the convenience and portability of a pocket knife, the CRKT M16-14SFG is ideal. It does not have an assisted opening, but the large flipper and bearings in the hinge make it easy to flick open.

The huge stainless steel blade is nearly 4 (3.99) inches long with a black coating and Tanto point. Unique to CRKT knives is the patented Veff serrations along the base of the blade which are extremely sharp and represent the newest innovation in serrated blade design.

The flick opener is mirrored on the back of the blade, creating a crossguard for the knife while open. The locking mechanism does take a little getting used to. Closing the knife requires engaging a safety switch on the back of the handle while simultaneously pushing open the liner lock.

It is a tricky motion to learn at first but users usually get the hang of it and can close it with one hand after some practice. The grip is fiberglass and has grip holes for lightness with a tactical look. The pocket clip can be adjusted for tip-up or tip-down, on the right or left-hand pocket.

In general, this pocket knife is sharp with a sturdy high-quality feel.



2. Second Best Pocket Knife

The Kershaw Blur Black combines all of the features you could want in an everyday carry pocket knife. The blade length comes to 3.5 inches with a drop point blade and a slight recurve.

The high-performance stainless steel blade makes for exceptional sharpness and durability. The black Diamond-Like blade coating offers corrosion resistance and extreme hardness as well as a cool look.

The blade is easily opened using a sloped thumb stud and an assisted opening mechanism. It features a stainless steel liner lock inside the textured anodized aluminum handle.

The anodized pocket clip has a low profile to allow for easy retrieval and can be adjusted to a tip-up or tip-down carry, however, it should be noted that it only has holes for the clip to be for right-hand carry.

Overall, this pocket knife has a sharp, high-quality blade, and easy to use for light general purpose applications.



3. Best Budget Pocket Knife

The Gerber Paraframe has everything you need from any of the pricier pocket knives. It is light, sharp, and reliable. Its strength as an everyday carry knife is its small size.

It has a drop point stainless steel blade with a blade length of 3 inches and the total length of over 7 inches. The blade is easily opened one-handed with a thumb stud and closed with a frame locking mechanism. It does come with or without serrations, depending on use.

This knife is has a non-adjustable pocket clip and the handle lacks any additional grip beyond the open skeletonized frame but is a proven workhorse for everyday carry and ideal for those who need a knife without breaking the bank.



Questions and Answers

What are pocket knives for?

Pocket knifes make common tasks much faster and easier. At home, pocket knives make opening packages or mail fast and easy.

On the farm, a pocket knife can be one of the most versitle tools. They can be used for cutting things like twine, polywire, feed bags, and all the other containers and boxes you’ll need to open on a weekly basis.

On camping trips, pocket knives can be used for opening food containers, cutting string or fishing line, and whittling roasting sticks for hot dogs or marshmallows.

Pocket knives prove their worth in a million and one ways. Their portability makes them handy whenever you need them.



Are pocket knives legal to carry?

The legality of carrying a knife depends very much on the state and local laws, so before you order anything, it is important to check the statutes where you live to make sure you didn’t just buy yourself a ticket to jail. The American Knife and Tool Institute is a great resource for finding out what your state allows.



How are pocket knives made?

Typically pocket knives are made from sheet stainless steel. The blades and frames are punched out and shaped using purpose-built machines on a production line factory.



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