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Are you looking for a feed scoop for your chickens, horses, goats, pigs, cows, dogs, cats, and other farm animals? Here are the best feed scoops based on size and type that will for all your animals.

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A good feed scoop is a very underrated tool to have on your farm. I’ve broken handles on several myself and have been left frustrated to say the least. Because of this, we’ve put together this list to hopefully help you from running into these problems as well.



Best Feed Scoop Overall

If you are looking for a feed scoop that is durable and should last a long time, this Farm Tuff Galvanized 2-Quart Feed Scoop should work great.

I raise pigs, goats, and chickens on my farm and use this type of scoop.

This scoop is made with galvanized steel and the handle on top makes it easy to hold.

Metal scoops don’t bend and flex like plastic scoops so they work great when dealing with heavy feed.

This is our choice for best overall feed scoop.



Best Feed Scoop That’s Extra Large

If you are looking for a very large, durable feed scoop then this Little Giant 6-Quart Feed Scoop is a great option.

It’s very similar to the previous scoop but holds 3 times as much.

It’s made from galvanized steel so it should last you a long time.

This is our choice for best extra large feed scoop.



Best Feed Scoop With Measurements

If you need to to be more precise with your feed measurements then this Tough 1 Feed Scoop should work well.

It has a clear plastic design so you can see exactly how much feed it is holding.

The best part is that the measurements are broken down into feed type.

It holds up to 3 quarts while full.

This is our choice for best measuring feed scoop.



Best Feed Scoop on a Budget

If you are not wanting to spend a lot on a feed scoop then this Tolco Heavy-Duty Plastic Scoop is still a good choice.

It holds up to 3 quarts which makes this a pretty large scoop.

Plastic scoops aren’t nearly as durable as the metal ones but, if you are trying to save money, this is should work.

If you are looking for a cheap scoop that should get the job done, this is our choice for best budget feed scoop.



Best Feed Scoop That’s Small

If you are looking to feed smaller animals or just want something your kids can handle easier, this Van Ness Feed Scoop is our favorite option.

It holds up to 2 cups and has measuring lines for smaller amounts.

It is plastic but you shouldn’t need a super durable scoop when dealing with small amounts of feed.

Because it’s small and plastic, it’s also very affordable.

This is our choice for best small feed scoop.



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