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Are you looking for a string trimmer for your farm? Here are the best farm weed eaters and best farm weed wackers that will get the job done.

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You typically wouldn’t consider a weed eater a necessary farming tool but, if you are continually trimming under fences and around the farmstead like me, you’ll soon realize otherwise. Here are our favorite ones.



Best Farm Weed Eater Overall

If you are looking for an all-around great farm week wacker then this Husqvarna 128LD is it.

I personally own this string trimmer and I love it. I put mine through tons of abuse on my farm by using it for things like cutting tall grass, weeds, and brush when clearing new fence areas.

Husqvarna is known for their quality built products. And with Husqvarna being one of the more popular brands, getting it repaired is usually easier since lots of local service centers will repair them.

It also comes with a 2 year warranty.

With all of it’s great features, affordable price, and being a Husqvarna, this is our choice for overall best farm weed eater.



Best Farm Weed Eater With a 4-Cycle Engine

Sometimes, 2-cycle engines can be finicky. If you don’t get the oil to gas mixture ratio correct, they either won’t run efficiently or just won’t start at all.

With a 4-cycle engine, you no longer have to mix oil and gas. Just add unleaded fuel and you are good to go.

With that being said, we think this Husqvarna 324L string trimmer is the best farm weed eater that has a 4-cycle engine.

You get all the perks of it being a Husqvarna (great quality, good warranty, easy to get repaired) and you no longer have to worry about the problems that come with a 2-cycle engine.

This string trimmer also comes with a 2 year warranty.



Best Farm Weed Eater on a Budget

SENIX is probably a brand you’ve never heard of but this weed wacker has a lot of things going for it.

It has a 4-cycle engine so you don’t have to worry about mixing oil and gas which is a huge plus in my book.

It also has a 26.5cc which is pretty powerful and can hang with some of the more popular brands.

With these features combined with the great price, the SENIX GTS4QL-L string trimmer is our choice for best farm weed eater if you are on a budget.



Best Farm Weed Eater That’s Battery Powered

I’m a big fan of battery powered tools when they make sense. I would much rather hear the sound of an electric engine than a gas engine for hours on end.

However, I need a very powerful weed eater on my farm because of all of the abuse I put it through.

With that being said, this DEWALT CDST970X1 string trimmer seems to solve both of these problems.

This weed wacker’s power is not only comparable to it’s gas powered counterparts, it’s battery life will should last you around an hour or more.

And you can always purchase an additional battery if you need to use it for longer periods of time than that.

With all of it’s great features, we have chosen the DEWALT CDST970X1 as the best battery powered farm weed eater.



Best Micro Farm Weed Eater

If you have a small farm or just need to trim around the house, this BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 should work well for you.

It’s small and lightweight. It won’t handle brush like the previous trimmers but it’s still great for trimming grass and weeds.

It comes with 2 20V batteries and a charger.

With that being said, we have chosen this BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 as the best micro farm weed eater.



Best Farm Weed Eater String

When trimming brush, weeds, grass, and all the other stuff you’ll encounter on a farm, you need tough string to go along with your string trimmer.

This Anleolife 1-Pound string is rated for commercial use. Because of this, it’s great for a farm.

It’s super tough and hard to break. It’s actually square which means it has 4 edges that are used for slicing compared to round string that has no edges.

Because it slices so well, you won’t have to put up as much of a fight as you will with round string. It should also last you longer than round string since it’s much more efficient.

It works with all major brands of string trimmers.



Best Farm Weed Eater Shoulder Strap

Using a string trimmer for long periods of time can hurt your back. Because of this, I highly recommend that you purchase a shoulder strap if your weed eater doesn’t come with one.

This shoulder strap should work on all major brands. It can either clip on (if your string trimmer has a loop) or it can simply wrap around the shaft.

It will make the job twice as easy in my opinion. And your back will thank you for it later.



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