Casey on a Tractor

My name is Casey and I’m the creator of

Raised in a family of agriculturalists, growing up, I was always more interested in computers than farming. It wasn’t until later in life that I felt the call to go back to my family’s farming roots. It was then that I started investigating sustainable and organic farming methods which were completely different than what I was used to.

About that time, I decided to intern on a sustainable and organic farm for a year which changed my perspective on farming completely. I got to experience sustainable farming firsthand where farmers sold their goods directly to the consumer and made a profit doing so. It was also a way of farming that didn’t deplete the land but stewarded it well and left it in better condition than when it was acquired from the previous owners. And best of all, people were able to buy food that was healthy, free of chemicals, and good for them.

After that, I bought my own farm and begin putting into practice what I had learned. I created to share these things with you and help you get there a lot faster than I did. I’ll also be interviewing other farmers and will have them contribute articles and tutorials so they can share some of the awesome and creative farm hacks they are using to help them make their lives on the farm a lot easier.