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Are you looking for a simple way to tell if your electric fence is on or off? Here are the best electric fence lights so you can rest peacefully knowing your fence is working correctly.

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Do I Need an Electric Fence Light?

Most electric fence chargers have a light that indicates if they are on or off. However, just because the light on the charger is flashing doesn’t mean the fence itself is hot.

If you want an easy way to determine if a fence is actually on or off from a distance, you should utilize an electric fence light.

These lights connect directly to the fence and will help you determine if the fence is working correctly.

With an electric fence light, you will know if your fence is on by simply looking across a field and seeing a light. If you have multiple paddocks throughout your farm, you can set up a light for each one.

So if you want to save time on your farm and have peace of mind knowing your fence is actually working, an electric fence light is one of the best farm tools that will help with that.



Best Electric Fence Light Overall

The EFL electric fence light is a lot bigger and brighter than other electric fence lights. This allows you to see it up to a mile away.

It also flashes 360 degrees so, no matter what side of the light you are on, you’ll see it.

It also makes a knocking sound whenever it pulses so you hear it working as well.

It works with all major electric fence types and electric fence chargers.

Because of its size, it does need to be mounted on top of a post or on some type of pedestal.

If you need a light that you can see in both day and night, from all directions, and from far away, the EFL is our choice for best overall electric fence light.



Best Electric Fence Light That Hangs on Fence

Unlike the previous light, the Speedrite Fence Alert only flashes when the fence has a problem.

It’s not as bright or as big as the previous light but it hangs directly on the fence wire so it’s easy to set up.

It does have an internal battery which is how it works without needing ground wires or external power. Battery life is estimated to last up to 5 years on standby.

If you are looking for a simple light that can just hang on the fence wire itself, this Speedrite Fence Alert works great.



Best Electric Fence Light on a Budget

The Farm Innovators Insulight flashes whenever it detects power in the fence wire.

It comes with a t-post mount but can be mounted to a fence post using zip ties or other wire.

You will need to run a wire from the fence itself to the back of the light to make a connection.

Like the other lights, it uses a battery.

If you are looking for a cheap light that will get the job done, the Insulight is our choice for best electric fence light on a budget.



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