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Are you looking for the best post hole digger or best post hole auger? Here are our favorites that will make digging holes for posts much easier and will help save your back in the process.

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Post hole diggers and post hole augers are a great tool to own. They come in many different varieties and sizes, but which one is right for you?

The main three types of post hole diggers that are available are manual, gas-powered, and electric. All of the types will get the job done digging the hole, letting you build that fence, put that sign up, or simply plant a nice little sapling into your garden.

This article will help you find the best post hole digger you need with the features you need to dig a great, quality hole in the ground.


1. Best Manual Post Hole Digger

The AMES 2701600 Post Hole Digger with Hardwood Measurement Handle does not disappoint with how solid it is. All of the stops are pulled out for this post hole digger. It is a hefty manual post hole digger, weighing in at a solid 8.5 pounds.

The handles are unique in the way that they have a measurement tool on the side of the hardwood handles. The sharp, solid steel blades on the hole digger make this a durable, high-quality tool to manually dig the hole that you desire from an American-made company people love to buy from.

If you’re looking to plant that new apple tree sapling, this heavy-duty bad boy is for you. As far as affordable manual post hole diggers go, this one can hold its own. It is not only easy to use but is durable as well. These features make it a great post hole digger.


2. Best Gas-Powered Post Hole Digger Auger (for the money)

The ECO Gas Powered Post Hole digger is a solid choice for those who might have more hefty projects or simply don’t have the time, patience, or fortitude for digging a post hole manually. This beastly piece of machinery weighs in at a solid 40+ pounds.

The 52CC, 2.4 Horsepower engine tears through the ground to dig a solid post hole. The engine does have a clutch, which requires some know-how to operate for the first time post hole digging. It uses a 25 to 1 ratio gas and oil mixture, mixing bottle is included.

The translucent gas tank is on the smaller end, 1.2 liters. Other reviewers of the product provide a vital piece of information, ECO LLC does provide excellent customer service if a consumer runs into an issue with their machinery.

The product also comes with two earth auger bits, a 6″ auger, and a 10″ auger to dig the perfect sized hole and plant your best post


3. Best Electric Post Hole Digger Auger (for the money)

The XtremepowerUS 1500 Watt Industrial Post Hole Digger is the best electric-powered post hole digger and auger available to consumers. This high-performance digger gives a performance with its 1500 Watt motor, which provides 90 pounds of torque to obliterate the soil and earth you’re trying to remove.

It is also very lightweight, you cannot beat the digger’s 29-pound weight. It’s electric-powered, so you will need an extension cable to reach as far as you need it, which is not included. What it does include is one 6′ earth auger bit and a hex spanner for easy assembly.

As with any high-powered machine, one needs to be sure that they can handle the recoil associated with it. This digger has a great amount of torque involved, making the job easy to handle.

This electric beast is industrial strength so it can take a bit of a beating and appears to dig the best hole. Also if you are eco-friendly, it is electric and doesn’t exude excess greenhouse gases.



Questions and Answers

What are post hole diggers used for?

Post-hole diggers are used to dig narrower holes than can be done with a shovel or even a backhoe. They are designed to dig deep and narrow holes varying in size depending on what you are wanting to do.

Whether you want to plant shrubbery or plant a sapling in the heart of folk hero Johnny Appleseed, post hole diggers are the way you would get this job done. The best post hole digger is durable and heavy-duty for all sorts of earth and soil.

You could also use a post hole digger with an auger as a sportsman to drill a hole in the ice to go ice fishing and catch that trout you were dreaming of as dinner. Go ahead, with a post hole digger, put up that “Keep Out” sign or install the privacy fence of your dreams.

A post hole digger is a tool that has one primary purpose, digging holes. 1


How to use a post hole digger

A manual post hole digger looks awkward at first glance, but when analyzing it further is like 2 narrow shovels attached to each other. You plant the two steel heads into approximately the diameter of the size hole you would like to make in the earth.

Use force to send the bad boy hard into the soil. Then squeeze the handles toward each other, kind of like using chopsticks at your favorite Chinese restaurant, and lift the dirt out.


How to use a post hole auger

A gas-powered or electric post hole digger will use a drill bit called an auger. You will have to worry about a fuel source for both, whether it be a fuel tank or an extension cord.

Install the auger head onto the motor function. Please be sure to have a firm, hard grip on the machine before you dig, the recoil on it can be dangerous.

Simply turn it on and let the auger do the work it was made to do.


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