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Are you looking for a fence post driver? In the following article I want to share the best fence post drivers with you.

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What is a Fence Post Driver?

A fence post driver is a manual, electric, or gas-powered tool that pounds wooden fence posts into the ground. These power drivers are necessary farm tools if you want to put up a fence around your property, ranch, or farm.

They are very similar in design and function to the screw gun, which drives screws into wood or plastic with great speed and efficiency. The most common type of manual fence post drivers is the handle-style driver, which is small enough to hold in one hand like a pick ax.

While gas-powered post drivers are more powerful than their electric counterparts, they are heavier and bulkier so not everyone can use them. But they’re more commonly used for big projects like putting up barbed wire or building very large fences.

In this article, we will focus on manual and gas-powered fence post drivers, and we’ll review the best fence post drivers and the various features you should look for when buying a good fence post driver.



What to look for when buying a fence post driver?

When shopping for a fence post driver, there are several things you should look for to make sure you’re getting the best value out of your money.

  • First, it’s essential to consider the weight and overall build of the fence post driver. If it’s too heavy or bulky, then you may not be able to use it yourself or maneuver it around the job site.
  • Second, consider the power of your fence post driver: does it have enough torque to drive in wooden posts without bending and breaking? Power is also measured in BPM (beats per minute). The more BPM, the faster you can install fence posts.
  • Third, think about comfort when using your post driver: does it have the right grip thickness, balance, and weight?
  • Fourth, look at the price of your fence post driver. You don’t want to overpay for a tool you’ll use only once or twice a year.
  • Lastly, you’ll also want to consider why and how you’ll use it because the answers to that will determine if you need a manual or gas-powered post driver. And if you need a manual post driver, then look for one that’s lighter and easier to use.

So let’s start looking at some of the best fence post drivers in 2022!


Best Gas-Powered Fence Post Drivers

First, we will look at the best gas-powered fence post drivers on the market. These are more powerful than electric and manual options so they can drive wooden posts without bending them out of shape.

As you’d expect, if you’re looking for a gas-powered post driver then you’re probably doing a big-time fencing project.


1. Titan PGD2875 Gas Powered Post Driver


The Titan PGD2875 is a good quality gas-powered post driver. It’s not as heavy as most other models, and it has a long-stroke design to make it easier to drive posts.

It’s perfect for home use and lightweight commercial jobs.



Titan PGD2875: 1,500-2,000 BPM | Engine: 4-stroke | HP: 1.3 | Attachments: 3in. Post Driver Adapter, rolling carry case, and repair kit.


  • The Titan PGD2875 is one of the best gas-powered post drivers on the market. It has a maximum BPM of 1,500-2000, meaning it can drive posts in very quickly.
  • Its impact-resistant plastic housing protects it against breaking and corrosion for lasting durability.
  • Its lightweight build (28 lbs) makes it easy to maneuver and transport.
  • Its design is based on a traditional post driver, which is easy to use and manage. This tool is very well suited for both homeowners and DIYers who need it for light-duty use around the house or the farm.
  • With comfortable grips and handles, you can work for long hours without getting fatigued or sore.
  • The Titan PGD2875 can drive posts from 0.75-inch to 3-inch in diameter. Its 3.25 inch barrel is made of durable steel.


  • This post driver gets hot ! You’ll need to let it cool down for 10 minutes or so after every hour of use.
  • You need to wait for five minutes before using it after you started it.



2. Skidril 2-stroke Gas Powered Post Driver


The Skidril is another top-rated gas-powered post driver. Many of its users praise it for being powerful and for having features that are great for both homeowners and contractors.

However, there are minor drawbacks with this post driver that you should be aware of.



Skidril 2-stroke Gas Powered Post Driver: 1,750 BPM | Engine: 2-stroke | HP: 1.3


  • Skidril’s ergonomic design is meant to reduce pain and fatigue. Contractors praise this for being very comfortable to use, even after many hours of working on different projects thanks to its vibration dampening handle.
  • Its engine is also designed with both homeowners and contractors in mind: it’s quick and easier to start up compared to Titan PGD2875. It’s quiet and fuel-efficient.
  • It has an air cushion in its piston that reduces bounce in the tool when driving posts. This helps to prevent post breakage and improves safety too.
  • Its air filter is easy to clean, which also helps increase performance by keeping both your engine and fuel cleaner during work.
  • You can drive 4″ diameter wooden posts with this tool.
  • There are hundreds of heads available online for you to use with this post driver including an oversized T.
  • The Skidril’s engine is powerful enough to drive posts 2″ in tough and frozen ground.


  • Weighing 40 lbs, it’s heavier than most post drivers. If you’re going to work all day, you might want to consider buying a back brace or other post-driving aid.
  • Skidril 2-stroke Gas Powered Post Driver leaks oil as a part of its lubrication process, so better watch out.



3. REDI Driver Classic


Compared to some of the other post drivers on this list, the REDI Driver Classic is a simpler tool that needs no hoses or compressors. It’s easy to use, lightweight, portable, and versatile.

Despite its simplicity, it’s just as powerful as other pneumatic post drivers on this list. You’ll be able to work for a lot of different types of projects for long hours using this tool.



REDI Driver Classic: 1,720 BPM | Engine: 4-stroke | HP: 1.3


  • This post driver has a relatively powerful engine ( Honda GX35 4-stroke gas engine) that gives it high maximum speed of up to 1,720 BPM going through 2″ diameter posts with ease.
  • The REDI Driver itself weighs in at a mere 32 lbs, which makes it easy to carry around from one project site to another. It weighs slightly heavier than the Titan PGD2875.
  • It’s also very quiet and fuel-efficient, which is great for both homeowners and contractors that need to work during nighttime or early mornings without disturbing neighbors or other people in the area. It can run 400-500 posts on a single gallon of gas.
  • Its engine is easy to start up, which is good for the elderly, children, and others who might need help starting it every once in a while.
  • Its lightweight and ergonomic design reduce pain and muscle fatigue that you might feel after several hours of working on different projects. This also makes it portable, which is good for contractors, especially those who have to bring tools from one worksite to another.
  • The REDI Driver Classic is capable of handling a variety of fencing posts, fence poles, and fence types including chain link fencing, aluminum fencing, fence steel posts, T-post fencing and wooden fencing.
  • Most contractors praise this tool’s durability.
  • This tool comes with a 3-year warranty, which is the longest warranty coverage compared to other gas post drivers.


  • You’ll have to purchase a storage case separately in order to help protect the tool from weather and other environmental elements.
  • It also doesn’t come with extension handles which might affect your aim while you’re busy driving posts.
  • This post driver only works with posts up to 2″.



4. Rhino GPD40 Fence Pro Honda 4-stroke Gas Powered Post Driver


Perhaps the most powerful gas-powered post driver on this list, the Rhino GPD40 is a compact and lightweight tool that has a maximum speed of 1,720 BPM. Compared to other gas-powered pst drivers in this list, Rhino Fence Pro has the largest body, anvil, and hammer that provides 30% more hitting power, which sets it apart from other gas post drivers on this list.



Rhino GPD40 Fence Pro Honda 4-stroke Gas Powered Post Driver: 1,720 BPM | Engine: 4-stroke | HP: 1.3


  • The Rhino GPD40 is equipped with a powerful Honda GX35 4-stroke.
  • It comes with a 2″ chuck sleeve for driving T-posts and small round posts.
  • Optional 1-3/4″ or 1″ adapters are also available, which are good for driving certain fence post types.
  • Despite its heavier weight (38 lbs) than the Titan PGD2875 and REDI Driver Classic, it’s still pretty portable, versatile, and easy for anyone to carry around.
  • It has a fuel capacity of 0.63 liters, which can run up to 500 posts on a single tank of gas.
  • Its ergonomic design reduces fatigue and pain on the hands, wrists, and arms. This makes it ideal for professionals working on fence projects that require more than a few hours of work.
  • This tool drives posts for many types of fencing, including erosion control, agriculture, enclosures, privacy fencing, highway guardrails, and signposting.
  • You can also use this post driver for light-duty construction projects like deck framing.
  • This tool is very durable and capable of handling several years of constant work load.
  • Comes with a standard 1 year warranty, and a lifetime warranty on the hammer parts.


  • Rhino Fence Pro is more costly than most gas-powered post drivers.
  • The storage case is not included in the package.
  • You will need to purchase a set of extension handles separately.
  • It has no storage case.
  • It’s too powerful that it might even cause some breaking or splitting of wood posts, especially if you’re not careful when you’re driving them at high speeds.



Which Gas-Powered post Driver Should You Choose?

If you’re looking for the best gas-powered post driver on the market, then you will want to take into consideration how much weight you can handle while working on your projects.

The more powerful gas post drivers require adult supervision because of their high torque and speed.

Otherwise, children might not be able to drive posts properly or safely.

The most powerful gas-powered post drivers are the Rhino Fence Pro and the Titan PGD2875. However, these two tools can cause some damages if mishandled.

You might want to opt for a cheaper alternative like the Titan PGD2875 or REDI Driver Classic instead. You can also choose from our list of manual fence post drivers.



Best Manual Fence Post Drivers

Manual post drivers require you to push the device with your hands in order to drive a metal post into the ground.  They’re more affordable than gas-powered models. They’re also more labor-intensive than gas-powered models.

You might need to apply more force when pushing the metal post into the ground, which can be tiring and frustrating if you have lots of posts to drive in. Usually, you’ll want to use manual drivers when you need to drive posts in hard soil and are not doing it in a large scale project.

Manual post drivers are also ideal for working on tight spaces, where you can’t use gas-powered post drivers. Most manual models are smaller which allows you to place them through narrow gaps between fence posts when installing or removing wire fencing.

Here are some of our top picks for the best manual fence post drivers:



1. MTB Fence Post Driver with Handle


This MTB post driver is a heavy-weight and heavy duty post driver that’s perfect for driving fence posts and wooden posts into the ground. It’s known for durability against corrosion, scratching, fading, breaking, and other elements.

Our featured type of this post driver is 18 lbs and has a long handle with a T-shaped grip for driving posts vertically and horizontally. It has two more variations, one with a 12 lbs weight, and another with a 34 lbs weight, giving you more options to choose from.



Weight: 18 lbs | Handle Length: 23.6 inches | Handle Type: Sturdy and Thick T-Grip


  • It’s durable and made of heavy steel, which can withstand continued daily use for years.
  • The loop handle is designed to provide the best support without causing fatigue on your hands even when you work for long hours.
  • Its weighted and reinforced steel head is great for installing the fence post, fixing the garden mesh, and protecting the garden fence.
  • It’s self-weighted which means it does drives posts on its own power.
  • It’s resistant to corrosion, scratching, fading, breaking, chipping, rusting and other weather elements.
  • It’s very portable and easy to carry around.


  • Its weight might be too heavy for some people.
  • It might be too powerful for some light-duty projects.
  • Its handle is not collapsible, so it can be difficult to use in tight spaces and between fence posts.
  • It is pricier compared to similar manual post drivers that we’ll feature next.



2. Speeco Farmex 16110200 Spring Post Pounder


This spring post pounder from Speeco is a heavy-duty manual post driver that’s capable of driving fence posts and wooden posts in any ground type. However, the way it drives post is much different than what you would commonly see in a post driver.

Instead of pushing posts in with your hands, this post pounder uses a spring system inside the head to drive in fence posts and wooden posts in the ground without exerting too much force on your part.

It also includes two heavy-duty posts for stability and sturdiness.



Weight: 18 lbs | Handle Length: 31 inches


  • It’s made of high-quality durable steel, which keeps it strong even after extended daily use.
  • The rubber grip on the handle provides a comfortable and firm hold without causing hand fatigue.
  • It’s spring-loaded which gives you the option to drive posts by pushing down on the wood, or simply pulling back on it, depending on your comfort.
  • The center-weighted head makes post driving easy and stable.
  • It has a 2″ diameter post-holder for keeping the post in place while you’re driving it.


  • Some people don’t prefer using a spring-loaded post driver because it takes time to get used to the spring mechanism.
  • There are several claims that the spring in this manual post driver breaks easily, so it may not be the most durable post driver out there.



3. MAT 901147A Steel Head Fence Post Driver with Handles


This fence post driver from MAT is a heavy-duty manual post driver that’s great for driving fence posts, wooden posts, and T-posts in the ground. But instead of hammering posts, this fence post driver drives posts into the ground, reducing the risk of damaging the post and the surrounding ground.

It’s also perfect for driving posts in rocky or uneven soil, This is because of its center-weighted head that drives with ease into even the most uncooperative ground with 17 lbs of power.



Weight: 14 lbs | Handle Length: 24 inches


  • It’s made of high-quality durable steel, which keeps it strong even after extended daily use.
  • The ergonomic T-shaped is designed to improve the grip and reduce hand fatigue.
  • Its center-weighted design makes post driving easier, without needing too much force on your part.
  • This post driver eliminates the need for hammering posts into the ground, thus minimizing the chance to damage the posts.
  • Because of its ease of use, it’s great for DIYers and beginners alike.


  • The short length of this post driver’s handle can be an inconvenience when driving posts in tight spaces.



Which Manual Post Driver Should You Choose?

In a nutshell, if you need a heavy-duty post driver to drive the heaviest fence posts and wooden posts, then we recommend going with Mat 901147A.

If you want something more budget-friendly but still powerful enough to drive fence posts and wooden posts, then go for Speeco Farmex.

Lastly, if you want a manual post driver that can be better suited for many types of projects and if portability matters, then go with MTB.


We hope you enjoyed our product reviews of the best fence post drivers in the market! We hope we were able to help you pick the suitable fence post driver you need.

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