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Out of all of the farm animals I’ve ever owned, goats have been the hardest to keep in. Based on my experience, here are the best goat fences to make sure you keep your goats in.

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Raising goats is always an adventure. They are the best escape artists on my farm. Because of that, it pays to have a good goat fencing system. Who wants to spend their time chasing goats?

Depending on how you raise your goats, you have several options which includes both electric and non-electric fences. I primarily raise my goats with electric fences but others may prefer permanent steel fences depending on their setup.

Either way, here are our favorite kind of goat fences.



Best Portable Fence for Goats

We are big fans of rotating our animals around our farm. Because of that, ElectroStop Electric Goat Fencing works great for us.

We primarily use our goats for brush control so I like to move them to new areas and let them clean it up for us so we don’t have to.

Portable electric netting let’s us do that easily.

Goats are incredibly good escape artists. They have even escaped from some of my other more traditional electric fence setups in the past.

ElectroStop Netting makes it really hard for them to escape. They can’t squeeze through it and, if it’s high enough, they can’t jump over it.

I actually use this type of netting to train my goats to electric before moving them on to my permanent pastures with more traditional electric fences.

So if you are looking for a way to move your goats around your farm or to help train them to electric fence, this Premier 1 ElectroStop Netting is our choice for best portable goat fence.



Best Electric Fence for Goats

This is the type of electric fence I use to build almost all of my semi-permanent or permanent paddocks on my farm.

It works great for goats too as long as they have learned to respect electric fences.

I’ve found with goats that I have to put around 4 rows of wire and have to keep my fence posts closer together to make it more effective. Otherwise, they will attempt to squeeze through it.

But once you get your set up spaced out correctly, a few shocks will keep them in check.

This is our choice for best electric fence for goats.



Best Woven Wire Goat Fence

Typically, there are two main choices for steel fences for goats. You can go with a welded wire fence or a woven wire fence.

Welded wire can sometimes be cheaper, however, if the welds fail, the fence starts falling apart.

With woven wire, you may spend more but you don’t have to worry about it falling apart.

That is why I choose woven wire fence over welded wire fence. And Red Brand is one of my favorites.

This woven wire fence is 4 feet tall, 100 feet long, and made up of 12.5 gauge wire. It’s tough.

You will want to attach it to either wooden fence posts or t-posts like the ones I’ve listed above.

If you use t-posts, make sure you get the clips like I’ve listed above as well. Those will make the job of attaching it to the fence much easier.

And if you use t-posts, make sure you have a good t-post driver like the one I’ve listed above. Hammering t-posts in without one is a lot harder.

This is our choice for best woven wire goat fence.



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