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These are our picks for the best solar electric fence chargers this year. Whether you want to set up an electric fence far away from a power source or just want your farm fence to be off-grid, these will get the job done.

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If your electric fence is far away from a power source or if you want your fence to be off-grid, you need a solar electric fence charger.

Just like their non-solar counterparts, solar electric fence chargers are rated by how many miles of fence or acres they can cover. However, I find this to be even less accurate with solar fence chargers since they rely so heavily on the sun and battery power to charge the fence.

If you are going to use a solar fence charger then get one that is a lot stronger than you think you’ll need. Fences can short out easily from things like grass, tree branches, fence posts, and the weather.

Get a strong charger that will keep your livestock in and give you peace of mind. With that being said, below are our favorite solar electric fence chargers to help you build a good farm fence.

And if you are looking for a non-solar option, check out our article on the best non-solar electric fence chargers.



Overall Best Solar Electric Fence Charger

One of the things I love about this Gallagher S100 solar electric fence charger is that it’s smart and is designed to conserve power. Because of this, it can keep going up to 3 weeks without sunlight.

It has two different modes. One mode runs at half power but with a constant pulse day and night. This setting is great when using it as a wildlife deterrent. The other mode runs at full power but pulses slower at night when animals are less active. This mode is for keeping your livestock in.

It is designed to charge up to 30 miles or 100 acres of fence. It is also designed to easily mount on top of a t-post and is designed to be portable making it great for rotational grazing operations. It also has a 3 year warranty.

With all of these features, this is the best solar electric fence charger for the money in our opinion.



Our Second Pick for Best Solar Electric Fence Charger

This Parmak solar electric fence charger is not as smart as the Gallagher S100 but is supposed to be stronger. It is also designed to charge up to 30 miles of fence but without the same power saving features as the Gallagher S100, it may not last as long without sunlight.

It has a metal casing which makes it tough but that also makes it slightly heavier. It’s not as portable as the Gallagher but can still mount to a post using a board and some screws.

It is designed to work in all weather conditions and it has a 2 year warranty.

If you are wanting to spend less than you would on the Gallagher S100, this is a cheaper alternative that will get the job done.



Our Pick for Best Budget Electric Fence Charger

The Gallagher S10 is not nearly as strong as the Gallagher S100 but it does have some of the same features. It will last up to 3 weeks without sunlight and is very portable.

It is designed to charge up to 3 miles of fence or 15 acres. Because the joule rating is only 0.1, it may not be as good at keeping larger livestock in even though it can be used for that.

If you are looking to save money and are only needing to charge a small area with small livestock, this Gallagher S10 is a great option.



Electric Fence Ground Rods Kit

You’ll need a good set of ground rods for your solar electric fence charger to work correctly. This ground rod kit comes with 3, 6ft ground rods, clamps, and 50ft of wire.

This has everything you will need to connect your charger to the ground rods and keep your fence working properly.



Insulated Electric Fence Wire

Using insulated wire can be a good option if you have a large distance between the solar electric fence charger and the fence itself. You can either bury the insulated wire or just lay it on the ground. The insulation will keep it from shorting out.

You can also use the insulated wire when connecting your charger to the ground rods themselves.



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