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Do you have your posts picked out but now need insulators? Here are the best electric fence insulators for each type of electric fence post.

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Since there are lots of different kinds of fence posts, there are several different kinds of electric fence insulators to choose from. You want to make sure you buy the kind that works with the posts you will be using.

Here are our favorite electric fence insulators based on the type of farm fence you’ll be setting up.



Best Electric Fence Insulators for T-Posts

If you need electric fence insulators for t-posts that grip the post really well, these Zareba insulators are a great choice.

I personally use this type of insulator with my own t-posts and have never had an issue with them pulling away or sliding up and down the post.

You can either use polywire or metal wire with these. With their over / under hooks, your wire will stay put.



Best Electric Fence Insulators for Fiberglass Posts

If you have fiberglass posts that are 1/2 inch in diameter or smaller, these Fi-Shock Screw-On insulators will work great.

I use this type of screw-on insulator for my fiberglass posts and have never had an issue with them. They screw on tight which keeps them from sliding around.

As long as your posts are securely in the ground, these insulators will hold the wire really well.



Best Electric Fence Insulators for Wooden Posts (Lag Screw)

If you have wooden posts and need a a strong insulator, these Victor insulators will stay secure.

These insulators have large lag screw that screws into the post. They aren’t always easy to screw in but, once they are in, they aren’t coming out.

That makes these a great choice for wooden fence posts.



Best Electric Fence Insulators for Wooden Posts (Nail-In)

If you have wooden posts and are looking for nail-in insulators, these Zareba insulators are the best choice.

What I love about nail-in insulators is that they are quick to install. And once they are nailed in, it’s hard to pull them out.

They are designed to hold up to 22 gauge high-tensil wire but can be used with polywire and polyrope too.

These are a great choice for high-tensile fence applications.



Best Electric Fence Insulators for Wooden Posts (Screw-In)

If you are looking for simple screw-in insulators, these Field Guardian insulators will work great.

With screw holes at the top and bottom, they will stay secure and not slide around. They can be used with polywire or metal electric fence wire.

The screws themselves are not included so you will need to purchase those separately.

I also received an email with some advice from a reader named Dennis. In the email Dennis says, in his experience, you have to “be real careful about stressing plastics outdoors, and flat-head screws even slightly overdriven will do that even if the molded holes are countersunk. I haven’t tried the washer-head roofing screws with neoprene washers, although I do have some leftovers.” Thanks for the advice Dennis!



Best Electric Fence Insulators for Tube Posts

If you are installing an electric fence using metal tube poles or on top of an already existing chain link fence with tube poles, these Dare Products insulators will work really well for the job.

With their extended length, they should keep the wire away from the metal posts or metal chain links. You can use both polywire or metal fence wire with them.

With their thick plastic and metal bracket, they should last a long time.



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