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Are you looking for fence options for your hogs? Here are the best pig fences in 2020. Whether you are putting your pigs on pasture, building stationary paddocks, or fencing an entire field, we’ve got you covered.

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Electric Fence for Pigs vs Woven Wire Fence for Pigs

When raising pigs, you have two options when it comes to keeping them in. You can use an electric fence for pigs or you can use a non-electric fence. I personally prefer electric pig fences simply for the fact that I raise pigs on pasture and in the woods and an electric pig fence makes this much easier for me.

An electric polywire fence is cheaper, much easier to set up, and easy to move around if necessary. This coupled with step in posts makes my farm very flexible as far as what I’m doing with it. For example, it’s easy to add goats to an existing pig paddock by just quickly adding another strand of polywire or polytape on the top of my fence.

If you don’t want to use an electric fence then a woven wire field fence is your next best option. Certain brands are tougher than others and can be used for other animal types as well.

The best part though is that you never have to worry about keeping it electrified. However, be prepared to spend a lot more money with this type of pig fence set up.

With that being said, here are our picks for the best pig fences.



Best Portable Pig Fence

If you want to move your pigs around your farm (similar to the pastured poultry model) then this electric pig netting by Premier 1 is the best. It is 100 feet long which can make a 625 square foot paddock by itself.

Depending on how many pigs you have and how often you want to move them, you may need more than one of these so you can connect them together and make even larger paddocks.

Having more than one of these can also be helpful when you are moving your pigs. You can set up a new paddock with your spare fence next to your existing one, move the pigs into it, and then take down the previous one.

This is an electric fence so you’ll also need an electric fence charger or a solar electric fence charger.



Best Electric Fence for Pigs

This is the type of electric pig fence I use on my farm. I build large 1 acre semi-permanent paddocks with it. By semi-permanent I mean that I don’t take the fence down but I can if needed.

My pigs are trained to electric so I only use two strands of polywire, one on the lower level so they will bump it if they have their nose to the ground and another strand about face level.

One of the other great things about a polywire electric fence is that you can roll it up if you need to take it down or move it. And it’s very easy to cut and tie back together when needing to add more or create an opening.



Best Woven Wire Pig Fence

If you want to build a permanent fence for pigs, this is the best woven wire fence out there in my opinion. You can use permanent wooden fence posts or you can use t-posts like the ones above.

If you decide to use t-posts, make sure you purchase t-post clips to hold the fence on as well as a t-post driver to hammer the posts in which I have listed above. It will make your life much easier.



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