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Are you looking for fencing to keep your chickens in and keep predators out? I want to share with you the best chicken wire fences that you can use when building chicken coops, chicken runs, or just fenced in areas for your chickens to free-rage.

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When raising chickens on my farm, I primarily use pastured poultry netting but I stick with chicken wire when building my chicken tractors and mobile chicken coops.

Some people, however, prefer to build more permanent chicken runs on their farm. Either way, here are the chicken wire fences that will get the job done.



Best Chicken Wire Fence Overall

If you want to build a traditional chicken fence using chicken wire, this YARDGARD Fence is a great choice.

It is made of galvanized 20 gauge metal but is still very flexible so you can wrap it around something if necessary.

I have used this type of chicken wire on my chicken tractors and it works great.

To cut it so it will fit whatever you are building, simply use cutting pliers. You can then fold the exposed wire down to help prevent it from poking you.

This is our overall pick for best chicken wire fence.



Best Chicken Wire Fence Second Choice

If you want to build a much stronger chicken wire fence, this Amagabeli Galvanized Chicken Wire Fence is a good choice.

Different from the more traditional hexagonal chicken wire, this is more of a wire mesh made up of tightly woven squares.

Because of it’s design, it is not quite as flexible as other chicken wire but it is stronger and better at keeping predators out.

This is our second choice for best chicken wire.



Best Chicken Wire Fence Posts

If you want to build a pen out of your chicken wire, you’ll need some fence posts.

I personally like to use t-posts when I want to quickly build a fenced in area.

T-posts also give you the option to take it down a little easier at some point in the future.


If you use t-posts, these wire clips make it easier to attach the wire to the posts.

Simple put the clip through the wire and attach it to the t-post.

It makes the job much faster.


And if you have a lot of t-posts to hammer in, this t-post driver makes it so much easier.

You just slide the driver over the top of the t-post and start hammering it in.



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