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Are you wanting to pasture your poultry and keep predators away? I want to share the best poultry netting with you so you can keep your chickens protected and contained while out on pasture.

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Why Should I Use Poultry Netting With My Chickens?

I personally use poultry netting on my farm to rotational graze my chickens and I can’t imagine using any other type of fence to do this. It makes raising chickens a lot easier.

If you plan on rotating your chickens around pasture or even just around their coop and you want to make that process as easy as possible, you should consider using pastured poultry netting.

Unlike traditional chicken wire fence, poultry netting can be taken down, rolled up, and then set back up much faster than any other chicken fences.

This is because the electric wire is more similar to polywire and has very flexible metal wire strands wrapped around flexible plastic strands.

And because it is electric, it does a great job at keeping the chickens in and the predators out.



Best Poultry Netting Overall

If you are looking for the best poultry netting, this Premier 1 PoultryNet Electric fence is what you need.

I personally own and use this poultry netting to rotate my chickens around pastures and am a big fan.

While using it, I’ve never had a predator get through it.

It has also stood up to years of abuse on my farm.

And with it being 164 feet in length, you can create some big paddocks with it. I actually use 3 of these fences to make very large pastures for my chickens.

The double spikes help it to stay upright in the ground better than other single-spike poultry netting.

With all that being said, this is our choice for overall best poultry netting.



Best Poultry Netting Second Choice

If you can’t get the Premier 1 fence, this RentACoop Poultry Netting Electric Fence is a good second choice.

Just like the Premier 1 fence, you can use it to build out pastured poultry paddocks for your flocks.

It has similar features to the Premier 1 fence but has green strands instead of pure white.

It is double spiked and 164 feet in length.

The RentACoop Poultry Netting is our second choice for best poultry netting.



Best Pastured Poultry Netting Accessories

You will need some accessories to go along with your pastured poultry netting if you don’t already have them.

You will need an electric fence charger to electrify the fence.

Here are the best electric fence chargers or the best solar electric fence chargers if you don’t have a way to connect your fence charger to the power grid.

I also highly recommend you buy a tester to make sure your fence has the correct voltage and is working properly.

Here are the best electric fence testers so you can check your fence whenever you want.



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