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Are you looking for a feeder for your goats? Here are the best goat feeders that will make feeding time much easier and more productive on your farm.

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Best Goat Feeder Overall

My favorite thing about this goat feeder is that it can be used for both hay and grain.

The top portion of the feeder can hold two flakes of hay and has a tray at the bottom for the grain.

Designed to hang on a fence, its galvanized metal design should make it last a long time.

If this feeder will be outdoors, you’ll probably want to drill a drain hole in the bottom to prevent it from holding water.

With these features, this is our choice for overall best goat feeder.



Best Goat Feed Trough That Hangs on a Fence

This feed trough doesn’t have a hay holder like the previous but holds more grain and is cheaper.

It has 6 slots for the goats to eat out of and holds 9 quarts of feed total.

It’ made from plastic but reinforced with fiberglass and the slot dividers are made of metal.

It is designed to easily hook onto a fence and stay there.

It you are going to use this feeder outdoors, you’ll probably want to drill holes in the bottom to keep it from holding water when it rains.

If you are looking for a great feeder, this is our choice for best goat feed trough that is designed to hang on a fence.



Best Goat Feed Trough That Sits on the Ground

If you use electric fence for your goats like me, you probably don’t want a feed trough that hangs on a fence.

This Behlen County 4-feet feed trough is designed to sit on the ground and can be mounted to a board to help keep it in place.

It is made from steel so it should last you a long time.

If you are looking for a great feed trough, this is our choice for best goat feed trough that sits on the ground.
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