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Are you needing a pulling harness, marking harness, or a walking harness for your goat? Here are the best goat harnesses for all 3 of these needs.

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A lot of people don’t realize that goats can be trained to pull things like carts. And if you raise goats, this can be something fun to train your goats to do. You’ll need a good pulling harness to make this work.

If you are breeding goats then you can use a marking harness to determine which goats have been bred.

And finally, you can also walk a goat just like you would a dog. For that, we recommend a good walking harness.

If you are looking for halters then check out our article on the best goat halters.

With all that being said, here are our favorite goat harnesses.



Best Goat Harness For Pulling

Did you know that goats can be trained to pull carts or drag loads like horses do?

If you want to do this with your goat then this goat pulling harness is a great option.

Comprised of a breast piece, belly band, tugs, and a back band, it’s got all the components you need for a good pulling harness.

The only thing it doesn’t have is a trained goat. That part is up to you.

This is our choice for best goat harness for pulling.



Best Goat Marking Harness

If you are breeding goats and want to know which ones have been bred, this goat marker harness will make your life much easier.

It is designed to fit around your buck or billy and holds a crayon on the bottom that will mark the doe or nanny once she has been bred.

The crayon is sold separately but I have also linked to them above.

You can also pick different color crayons for your different bucks if you have more than one.

This is our choice for best goat marking harness.



Best Goat Walking Harness

This harness is technically made and marketed for dogs, however, it should also work for a goat.

If you are wanting a simple harness just for walking or tying up a goat, this should work well.

You can read the comments on Amazon to see where others have used it on their goats as well.

This is our choice for best goat walking harness.



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