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Are you setting up a new electric fence and needing posts? Here are the best electric fence posts to make sure your fence stands strong.

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If you are setting up an electric fence on your farm, you have several options for electric fence posts. Each of them have advantages and disadvantages.

Plastic fence posts tend to not last as long as fiberglass fence posts but are way cheaper. If you aren’t going to be moving them around much then they may be a good choice for your farm.

If you will be moving posts around your farm a lot then you’ll probably want to spend more on fiberglass posts which are stronger.

Based on our experience, here are our favorite fence posts for a good electric farm fence.



Overall Best Electric Fence Post

I personally use these Fi-Shock step-in posts on my farm. The price is great for the amount of posts you get which can save you a lot of money when you are looking to build out large paddocks.

They have built-in clips that allow you to chose 8 different heights for your electric fence wire. The clips are up to 2 inches wide and can be used with polywire, polyrope, polytape, aluminum, and steel wire.

Since they are plastic, they aren’t as durable as fiberglass posts or metal posts. But the cost savings makes it worth it for me.

Because of these benefits, the Fi-Shock step-in posts are our pick for overall best electric fence post.



Second Best Electric Fence Post

If you want something stronger than plastic but with a similar design to the Fi-Shock step-in posts then these Sunguard II step-in electric fence posts are a great choice.

They only have 4 clips compared to the Fi-Shock posts that have 8 but they make up for it in their durability. Fiberglass is rot resistant and won’t break as easy as plastic posts so they will practically last forever.

If you’re willing to spend a little more, these Sunguard II step-in posts are our second choice for best electric fence post.



Strongest Electric Fence Post

If you only need one strand of electric and want a strong post, these Zareba Systems Pig Tail step-in electric fence posts are what you are looking for.

Made of steel, not only are they tough, they should last a lot longer than plastic or fiberglass posts. Their pig tail wire holder makes them very easy to quickly set up and hold wire in place for good.

Since they are so easy and quick to use, these posts are great for farmers who do rotational grazing with cattle. Because of their design, they can handle the abuses that come from constantly being set up and taken down.

These Zareba posts are our choice for strongest electric fence post.



Best Fiberglass Electric Fence Post With Adjustable Insulators

If you are are looking for strong fiberglass posts where you can adjust the insulator to the exact height you like, these Common Sense 4 Ft posts along with the Fi-Shock screw-on insulators will do the trick.

They aren’t as easy to get in the ground as step-in posts but, since they are just a simple post, they don’t have parts that can break easily like the other posts.

If one of the insulators breaks you can simply replace it with another because they aren’t built-in like they are with other fences.

If you need a simple fiberglass post with adjustable insulators, this is what you are looking for.



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