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If you are trying to come up with a name for your farm but are stuck, using a farm name generator can make the process much easier. We’ve taken the time to research all the farm name generators out there and have assembled a list of the 5 best along with some other tips and examples. We hope these will make the process of choosing an awesome farm name a lot more fun.

This article is part of our How to Start a Farm series.


The Overall Best Farm Name Generator

CoolGenerator's Farm Name Generator

CoolGenerator’s Farm Name Generator

This farm name generator is not only the easiest to use but also offers the largest list when you generate your names. Each list has 24 names and if you don’t like those simply choose “New Farm Name Generator” for 24 more.

Generated Farm Name Examples:

Misty River Farmstead
Sleeping Hills Fields
Crossroad Farms
Paradise Meadow
Sweet Dreams Orchard
Oakey Dokey Farmstead
Moonlight Ranch
Lucky Star Acres
Old Stone Farm
Willow Creek Farms


Our Second Favorite

NGenerator's Farm Name Generator Logo

NGenerator’s Farm Name Generator

This farm name generator has some humorous names sprinkled throughout its list. It is a little slower than the previous generator but still gives you a list of 5 farm names at a time.

Once you are done with that list, simply click “Generate Farm Names” for the next 5.

Generated Farm Name Examples:

Badger Hill Farm
Hickory Homestead
Freckled Fanny Farm
Back Achers Farm (Acres, get it?)
Wits End Farm
Pegasus Ranch
Whispering Pines
Dairy Air (heir)
Almosta Ranch
Hidden Spring Hideaway


Another Great One

Fantasy Farm Name Generator Logo

Fantasy Name Generators

Don’t let the name scare you away. Although the Fantasy Name Generators tool offers several different types of name generators, their farm name generator is really good.

Each time it loads, it lists 10 names to choose from. When you are ready for the next batch, just click “English Names” or even “French Names” if that’s your native language.

Generated Farm Name Examples:

Angry Beaver Farms
Evergreen Acres
Bitterroot Pastures
Mistwood Acres
Sweet Dreams Estate
Haywire Grange
Talking Trees Farms
Happy Acres
Black Dog Farms
Laughing Oak Acres


An Additional One

Name Generators by Namenami Logo

Name Generators by Namenami

Although it’s still a good name generator, the biggest disadvantage is that it only displays one farm name at a time. Whenever you are ready to generate another name simply click “See Another”.

Generated Farm Name Examples:

Red Dog Ranch
Flying Pig Orchard
New Hope Farms
Stone Valley Farmstead
Applewood Vineyard
High Valey Ranch
Itty Bitty Farms
Talking Tree Farm
Heartsong Acres
Rooster Lands


Last But Not Least

BNG Business Name Generator Logo

BNG Business Name Generator

Not technically a farm name generator, BNG is a business name generator. However, I have pre-selected agriculture for the business industry.

With this tool, you enter a keyword and it will generate names based on these agricultural industries. For example, if your keyword is Breezy, type it into the keyword box and click “Generate”.

Generated Farm Name Examples:

Breezy Farm
Breezy Ranch
Breezy Land
Breezy Place
Breezy Pasture


Create Your Own

If you already have words you want to use in your name, simply add the words farm, ranch, homestead, acres, orchard, vineyard, pastures, fields, or place at the end of the name to create your own farm name. For example, if you want the name to have the word lazy in it, add each of these words to see what sounds best.

‘Create Your Own’ Farm Name Examples:

Lazy Farm
Lazy Ranch
Lazy Homestead
Lazy Acres
Lazy Orchard
Lazy Vineyard
Lazy Pastures
Lazy Fields
Lazy Place


Check Name Availability

One thing to keep in mind is that the farm name you decide on may already be in use in your state. Check your Secretary of State’s website to see if there is a way to search for registered business names in your state and find out if the name is already registered.

Also, do a Google search for the farm name and see if it’s in use in your state or near you.

Finally, search the United States Trademark Database to make sure the name is not trademarked.


How to Choose the Perfect Name for Your Farm

If you want help choosing a farm name, check out my other article on farm names and how to choose the perfect one.


Please share any additional farm name generators that I may have missed in the comments.



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  1. Sonya Galbraith

    I have a farm that started with my great grandfather.
    My grandfather farmed it and now my father and myself farm it. I have a daughter and grandson that will inherit it
    I’m stuck on a name. I want to to be unique but somehow tied to where it all began. Any suggestions?

    1. Casey

      Hi Sonya! That’s really awesome that you have a multigenerational farm. I wish I could say the same. Have you read through our other article on How to Choose the Perfect Farm Name which you can find here If so, was that helpful at all?

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