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Are you looking for ways to make money farming, even on a small farm with small acreage? I have put together a detailed list of more than 105 ways that you can make money from your own farm along with lots of additional resources to help you get started. With a list this large, some of these will surprise you!

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Introduction on How to Make Money Farming

Making money from farming typically involves selling meat, eggs, milk, or produce that you raise on your farm. If done correctly, these can be a good source of income. But did you know that there are a lot more ways than just these to make money on a farm? With a list of over 105 small farm income ideas, my hope is that not only will have a pretty good idea about how you will make money on your own farm once you are finished with this article, but you will also have a list of resources to get you started.



Traditional Ways to Make Money Farming

1. Pastured Chicken

Selling pastured chicken meat on your farm can be a very profitable. So much so that Joel Salatin has written an entire book on exactly what you need to do in order to succeed at it. One key thing to keep in mind is that some states allow on-farm poultry processing (up to a certain amount) and other states don’t. If your state doesn’t, you’ll have to find a poultry processor who can do this for you and that can definitely cut into your profits.

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I also created a video on how to build a Joel Salatin style chicken tractor.

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2. Pastured Turkey

Here in the U.S., selling pastured turkeys can be very lucrative because of one even that happens every year. Thanksgiving! You can even use the same type of farming system that Joel Salatin uses for his chickens to succeed with this operation. He covers this in the book I shared above.



3. Free-Range Eggs

Eggs are one of the most nutritionally complete natural food items available in the world. And because of this, it’s no wonder so many people eat them. Pastured and free-range eggs can have almost double the nutritional value that store-bought conventional eggs have. This means that you can ask a little more for eggs raised this way than eggs from a CAFO operation. Joel Salitan also covers this in his book I shared above.

I also created a video touring the Joel Salatin style Eggmobile that I use on my farm.

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4. Pastured Pork

Pork is increasingly becoming one of the most popular meats in the western world. And pastured pork is becoming even more popular because it’s much healthier than pork from pigs raised in confinement. Selling pastured pork can be another great way to make money farming. You will need more space to raise pastured pork than you do for chickens but less space than you will for raising cattle.

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I also created a video about the best pastured pigs rotational grazing system that I designed.

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5. Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-fed beef, and more importantly, grass-finished beef can be hard to find. This is why it can be a very lucrative farming endeavor. Selling grass-fed beef and grass-finished beef is becoming more and more popular as people are realizing the health and environmental benefits from it. If you have the space to raise cattle, you should consider it. And once again, Joel Salatin has written a great book about how to make money selling grass-fed beef.

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6. Farm Fresh Vegetables

As the organic movement continues to grow, fresh vegetables that have been raised sustainably and organically are very popular right now. And certain vegetables raised organically, like lettuce, tomatoes, and kale, can be sold for a lot more than others. Even if you only focus on growing a few different vegetables, you should consider selling organically raised produce from your farm.

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7. Farm Fresh Fruit

Raising farm fresh fruit is not a get rich quick endeavor. It can take several years for fruit trees to mature. However, once your trees are ready, selling farm fresh fruit is a great way to make money farming. There’s an old Chinese proverb that says “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” With that being said, go ahead and plant fruit trees now so you can be ready to start selling fruit in the future. Some of the faster growing fruit trees will start producing in 3 to 4 years.

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8. Honey

Normally, I wouldn’t put honey under the traditional ways to make money farming but it has quickly rose to this rank. Raising bees and selling honey is now more popular than ever. And because of that, we are starting to see the previous decline in the honeybee population level out. Selling farm fresh honey can be a great way to make money on a small farm.

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Additional Ways to Make Money Farming

9. Maple Syrup

Do you have maple trees on your farm or even your backyard? If so, you have some untapped potential for additional farm revenue. Tapping, collecting, and boiling maple syrup can be a lot of work but can also be very rewarding. And boiling maple sap over an open flame from firewood you collect from your property can give the maple syrup a unique flavor that I have never tasted from any store bought syrup.

I recently was able to record a video series with a friend who makes maple syrup from his own backyard which covers every step of the process.

Recommended Video Series:



10. Christmas Trees

Similar to raising fruit trees, raising Christmas trees is something you’ll want to be in for the long haul. Growth rates vary based on the tree type but the average is around 7 years.

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11. Heritage Livestock

With more farms moving to pasture-based systems, heritage breed livestock are becoming more and more popular. Heritage breed animals still have a lot of the characteristics that help them to thrive on a pasture based system. With lots of farmers now seeking out specific heritage breeds for their unique characteristics and flavors, this can be an additional way to make money farming. And if your breeding stock is registered, you can ask even more for them.



12. Mushrooms

Mushroom farming is gaining steam and there’s a good reason why. Certain types of mushrooms are very good for you and can be very profitable. And growing mushrooms is not that difficult. You can consider raising and selling mushrooms as another way to make money on a small acreage.

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13. Freshwater Fish Farming

Have you ever thought about how fish farming could benefit your plants? If not, you should look into Aquoponics. Aquoponics is a system for raising plants and fertilizing them with the waste from fish in a sustainable way. Not only can you sell the produce from this system, you can also sell the fish.

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14. Sorghum Molasses

You may not be familiar with sorghum molasses but your grandparents probably are. Sorghum molasses is a sweet, sugary, brown syrup that comes form the sorghum plant. It was much more popular during the turn of the century than now, especially in the southern US but this shouldn’t prevent you from considering it. Like maple syrup, it can be enjoyed on biscuits, pancakes, and more.

Although you can purchase equipment to make this process much easier, here is a great video of someone who makes sorghum molasses by hand.

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15. Raw Cow Milk

More and more people are seeking raw milk because of its health benefits. This means selling raw milk can be a lucrative farming venture if you know what you are doing. Raw milk laws vary state by state so you need to have a good understanding of what your state allows before you get started. If direct raw milk sales are not allowed in your state then you may be able to start a herd share program. This type of program allows you to have a contract with your buyers where they technically own a share of the cow. This is how most raw milk producers operate in the U.S.

If you are interested in learning more, I highly recommend checking out and joining the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund. If you are a member, they will give you advice on getting started and provide you with the contracts you’ll need to stay legal. They even have this awesome interactive raw milk sales map to see quickly what your state allows.

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16. Raw Goat Milk

Goat milk is more like human milk than cows’ milk. And because of this, it can be much better for you and easier to digest. Some people who have problems with cow milk don’t have issues drinking goat milk. And raw goat milk can be even better because of all of the probiotics it contains.

If you are interested in selling raw goat milk, once again, I highly recommend that you check out and join the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.



17. Raw Butter

If you produce milk on your farm, why not make butter too? Raw milk butter falls under the same laws as raw milk so be sure to use the resources I provide above to see what your state allows.



18. Raw Cheese

Locally produced cheese, especially cheese in the gourmet category can be very popular. If you are already producing milk, whether it’s from cows or goats, adding cheese to your farm products can be another way to make money from your milk business. If it is considered raw cheese it is also subject to your state’s laws. Check the resources provided above under the raw milk sections to learn more.

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19. Hops For Local Breweries

Locally grown hops can provide a nice added touch to beer produces by local breweries. Reach out to local breweries and find out if they would be interested in purchasing hops grown on your farm. If so, it can be another way to generate revenue on your farm.

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20. Firewood

Do you have woods on your property? And do you have a chainsaw and a wood splitter? If so, you should consider adding firewood to your farm products. Firewood harvesting can be a great to generate additional revenue on your farm in the winter as the rest of your farm activities slow down. Where I live, a rick of firewood is roughly 1/3 of a cord and is sold for around $50. That’s not a bad chunk of change.

If you are in the market for a chainsaw, check out this article I wrote about the 5 best farm chainsaws of 2020.

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21. Flowers

When people think of farming they don’t typically think of raising flowers. But flowers can be a nice way to make money on a small farm. With the hundreds of different varieties available, there is so much you can do with flowers. You can sell them as fresh cut flowers, seedlings to be replanted, in pots to be enjoyed in someone’s home, or even raise edible flowers.

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22. Livestock Guardian Dogs

We have Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs on our farm that live with our pastured chicken flock. Since having them, we have never lost a single chicken to a predator. It’s pretty amazing. There are several different breeds of livestock guardian dogs too. These are not the same type of dogs as herding dogs. Livestock guardian dogs have characteristics that make them better at protecting the animals rather than trying to control them.

If you decide to get livestock guardian dogs, consider getting a male and female if you want to sell their puppies. Also, livestock guardian dogs need to be raised as puppies with the type of animals they are going to protect. This is to help them assimilate with the animals they are guarding. So, another option is to raise them with the animals they are going to protect and then sell them once they are trained.

I recently made a video about our Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs that has some great information if you are interested in learning more.

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23. Chicks & Ducklings

Chickens are arguably the most popular farm animal and more and more people are now raising backyard chickens in the city. Since they are so popular, why not consider selling baby chicks or even baby ducklings. This is as easy as putting a rooster with your hens, incubating the eggs, and selling them once they hatch. You could also consider selling a complete setup for someone who wants backyard chickens which could include feeders, waterers, starter feed, and a heat lamp.

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24. Pullets

Depending on the chicken breed, it can take 4 to 6 months before a chicken starts laying. For those who don’t want to wait that long, you could consider selling pullets to them for more than baby chicks.

Here in the area where I live, I’ve seen pullets go for around $20. This can be another way to make money farming. The hardest part is figuring out how to keep your feed cost down while you wait for them to reach laying age.



25. Hay

If you have a larger farm and pastures that aren’t being used, you could consider getting a hay baler to turn those pastures in to hay. You could even consider growing organic alfalfa or other grasses so you can ask a premium for it.

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26. Livestock Feed

There are two options when it comes to selling livestock feed. One is to create your own feed to sell. You can either grow or buy the individual components and mix it yourself. The other option is to find a local feed mill that you could buy and resell feed from.

This works especially well if you are located in an area where the closest feed mill is far enough away that people wanting to buy a few bags here and there don’t want to drive to it. And it works even better if you are selling organic or non-GMO feed that is hard to find at a local store like Tractor Supply.

You would need to mark the feed up enough to cover the time and fuel spent picking the feed up from the feed mill as well as a little more to make it profitable. My family owns a feed mill and charges about $13 a bag for non-GMO pig or chicken feed. That same feed can be sold for closer to $20 a bag in or near a large city.



27. Compost

Do you make your own compost? Why not consider making more than you already do and sell off the excess? You could either create your own by using your leftover scraps, yard waste, and garden waste or you could buy the materials from an off-farm source and make larger batches. Lots of small gardeners want fresh compost so this could be another way to make money on a small farm.

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28. Compost Tea

Simply put, compost tea is compost that has been steeped in water for a period of time until the nutrients from the compost are infused with the water. This water becomes a type of spray on fertilizer that is rich in nutrients and easy to apply with a sprayer. If you decide to sell compost, why not sell compost tea as well for people who would prefer a spray on fertilizer.

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29. Animal Waste

Similar to being in the compost business, certain animal wastes are sought after for fertilizer. This could either be horse manure, cow manure, or chicken manure. If you tend to keep your chickens in one location during the winter like me, you could gather up their waste when spring rolls around and turn it into fertilizer to use or sell.



30. Heirloom Seeds

Heirloom produce can offer a unique taste that can’t be found in the stores. This is why a lot of gardeners are now choosing heirloom plants over conventional. You wouldn’t believe how many different types of tomatoes there are and the wide variety of tastes they have. If you are growing heirloom produce, you could consider saving seeds and selling extra to other gardeners.

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31. Seedlings

Similar to above, instead of selling the seeds themselves, you could start the plants and sell them for more money as seedlings. This can work really well if you have unused greenhouse space and you are already starting seeds for your own garden.

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32. Tree Nursery

There are hundreds of different types of trees you could sell with fruit trees being the most popular. You could also consider specialized in regional trees that grow well in your area instead of just the standard ones that people buy from the big-box stores. Where I live, there is a permaculture nursery that specializes in selling trees and plants that work well in this area for people following permaculture design systems. I think this is a great idea.



33. Herbs

Herbs are often overlooked as garden plants because most people focus on traditional plants. If you don’t think that herbs are worth selling, just walk down the aisle at your grocery store and look at the prices for organic herbs (if you can even find them). Organically grown herbs can be an additional way to make money farming. And the best part is that they typically don’t take up much room in the garden. Because of this, selling herbs can be a great way to make money on a small acreage.

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34. Herbal Tea

If you are growing herbs in your garden, why not dry some out and offer it as herbal tea. This is even better if you grow them organically and sell organic herbal tea. You could consider herbs like chamomile, lemon balm, mint, lavender, and peppermint.



35. Mealworms

Mealworms are a great alternative feed source for poultry, are high in protein, and are relatively easy to raise. They act like mini garbage disposals and do a great job of breaking down waste. You can consider raising some and selling them to people who may want to feed them to their chickens or raise them themselves.

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36. Earthworms

Earthworms can be used and sold for a few different purposes. They make great fishing bait and some people utilize them in their compost bins to help break down their waste. They are relatively easy to raise and you can even put them to work for you on your own farm.

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37. Pastured Duck Meat

Considered the “red meat” of the poultry world, duck meat can be a healthy alternative to other meats. It is high in iron and can be a good source for selenium and zinc. You can also raise your ducks on pasture using the same types of systems Joel Salatin talks about in his book Pastured Poultry Profits. Because of this, duck meat can be an additional way to make money farming.



38. Free-Range Duck Eggs

Duck eggs can have greater nutritional value than chicken eggs. This is especially true if they are raised on pasture and have access to a more diverse diet. They are also larger and have a more creamy taste. Some people that have trouble eating chicken eggs can eat duck eggs without problems. You can consider selling duck eggs as an additional farm revenue source.



39. Goats

Goats are quickly becoming a very popular among small farmers and hobby farmers. Not only are they fun to raise, they are great a brush control. We use goats on our farm to help us open up new pastures and woodlots. And with 4H being popular in certain areas of the country, there is also a demand for good show goats. With so many farmers looking for goats for their farms, raising and selling goats can be another way to make money farming.

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40. Chevon

Goat meat, also known as chevon, has never been a staple of the American diet but that doesn’t mean there aren’t people who want to buy it. As goats are becoming more popular, so is goat meat. If you live near a metropolitan area, chances are you can find buyers for it.

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41. Sheep

Like goats, sheep are becoming more popular among small farmers and hobby farmers. Where goats are good at brush control, sheep are good at mowing the grass. In certain areas, lambs and sheep are also in demand for 4H. With more farmers looking to have their own flock of sheep, raising and selling sheep can be another way to make money farming.

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42. Lamb and Mutton

Lamb and mutton can be hard to find in America but there are still people who enjoy eating it, especially in larger cities and in specialty restaurants. Raising sheep for lamb and mutton can be another way to make money on your farm.



43. Wool

Surprisingly, there are many different types of wool that are used to produce many different types of fabric. If you are interested in selling wool, make sure you choose a breed of sheep that produce a type of wool that is in high demand. Sheering sheep is a tough job but with the rise of the crafting industry, wool may be another way to generate farm revenue.

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44. Bunnies

Arguably the cutest of all farm animals, children (and adults) love bunnies. And because of that, there are lots of people who want to buy them as pets. Like all other farm animals, there are several different breeds of rabbits. If you are considering selling them as pets, make sure you choose a breed that suits that purpose. Bunnies can be a good way to make money on a small farm.

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45. Rabbit Meat

Rabbit meat is considered one of the most sustainable meats you can eat. This is because rabbits reproduce very rapidly and gain mass simply from foraging. Rabbit meat is also lean and high in protein. Not nearly as popular as other meats in the U.S., that doesn’t mean you can’t sell it as another way to generate revenue on your farm.

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46. Honey Bees

Raising honey bees for honey is great but did you know that you can also sell bees to other people wanting to get into the honey bee business? The most common way to do this is to sell a small colony created from a larger one that consists of a queen and some worker bees. This is called a nucleus colony but is commonly referred to as a nuc. Selling honey bee nucs can be another way to make money on small acreage.



47. Animal Boarding

Lots of people need a place to keep their animals while they go on trips, have to move, or just don’t have the space for them. If you have the space and proper facilities, you could consider using it to board animals for other people.



48. Timber

Do you have timber on your property that is harvestable? Or, do you have the space to plant trees that can be sold later? In my area, black walnut, white oak, red oak, and hickory are the most profitable trees for timber. Timber is a long term investment (like a retirement fund) but can have a big payoff later. And if you do most of the work yourself, like cutting the timber and pulling them out of the woods with equipment, you can hire a trucking company to haul them to the mill for you. Just call local mills and find out what types of trees and measurements are they looking for.

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49. Nuts

Do you have nut producing trees on your property? If so, collecting and selling nuts can be an additional way to make money farming. If the nuts have hulls, you’ll need a dehuller. And then you’ll need to decide if you want to sell them as whole nuts in the shell or without the shell.

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50. Berries

Locally grown berries seem to always be in demand. And depending on where you are located, organically grown berries go for a premium. My personal favorites are blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and elderberries. Raising and selling berries can be a good way to make money on small acreage.

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51. Guineafowls

Guinea fowl like the guinea hen are excellent at pest control. They are especially good at helping get rid of ticks. And they make good alarms when predators are near. They will even gang up on and eat snakes. It’s for these reasons that people love keeping guinea hens around their farm. And because of this, breeding and selling guineafowl can be another way to make money on a small farm.

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52. Stud Services

Do you have a bull, boar, billy, or ram that you can rent out for stud services? If you do, this can be another way to make money farming. This works best when you have purebred studs and have papers to prove it.



53. Foraging

If you have a fairly large property or have access to someone else’s property, foraging can be a great way to generate some additional income for your farm. Morel mushrooms are some of the most sought after mushrooms in the U.S. and they can’t be grown like others. They have to be foraged. Also, there are tons of edible plants, nuts, berries, and fruit that can be foraged. Foraging can also be a great activity to do with the family.

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Make Money With Value-Added Farm Products

In agriculture, a value-added product is a product that has had a change in its physical state or form. The laws for producing and selling value-added products vary state by state. Be sure to learn more about what your state requires when making and selling these products.


54. Bread

If you like to bake then bread could be a good value-added product to sell and make money on a small farm.

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55. Jams and Jellies

If you grow lots of fruits and berries then you can consider making jams and jellies out of them.

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56. All Natural Lotions, Lip Balm, Shampoo, Deodorant

Lotions, lip balm, shampoo, and even deodorant can be produced with items grown or raised on your farm. Farm raised items include butter, beeswax, honey, herbs, and more. Even if your farm doesn’t produce these items, you could source some of them from off-farm.

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57. All Natural Soaps

Similar to the items above, it is possible to make your own soap using farm produced items like goat milk.

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58. Candles

If you raise bees, you will have a plethora of beeswax. You can consider making beeswax candles and selling them as an as a way to make money on a small farm.

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59. Essential Oils

If you grow herbs on your farm, it’s possible to turn them into essential oils that you can then sell. You can also use these essential oils to make your all natural soaps and skin products.

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60. Pet Products

Just like making human treats, pet treats can be made out of farm products you produce. You can consider making pet toys as well.

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61. Pickled and Fermented Foods

Pickled and fermented foods can be very healthy for you. They can be full of probiotics and contain good amounts of antioxidants depending on the plant. Selling pickled and fermented foods can be another way to generate revenue on your farm.

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62. Canned Foods

Many people don’t want to spend time canning their own vegetables but would love to have organically grown vegetables from a local farm throughout the year. You can consider canning the vegetables you grow on your farm to sell as another way to add value to your farm products.

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63. Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables

Dehydrated fruits and vegetables make great snacks and last a very long time. You could consider dehydrating the fruits and vegetables you grow on your farm and selling them for this purpose.

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64. Jerky

Jerky can also make a great snack and can be loaded with protein. If you raise animals you could consider turning some of the cuts into jerky. Ask your meat processor if they offer this service.

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65. Pastries

Selling freshly baked pastries, especially created from products you grow on your farm, can be another way to generate some additional farm revenue. These could also be a quick sell if you have a farm stand at your local farmers market.

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66. Candy

Who doesn’t like candy? There are lots of different types of candy that can be made from your farm products and could be another item that may sell well at your local farmers market.

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67. Spice Mixes

Making spice mixes from herbs and spices grown on your farm could be fun. You can use existing recipes or create your own mix and name it after your farm.

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68. Pre-made Meal Kits

What if you sold an entire precooked meal kit from products raised on your farm that only required the buyer to put it in the oven when they were ready to eat it? This could be another way to add value to your existing farm products. You could even include canned items, dehydrated foods, jerky, homemade candy, and pastries as sides. You can consider selling dry-canned and ready mix meals as well.

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Agrotourism Ideas

69. Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches can be a lot of fun and there are tons of activities you can offer your guests including hay rides, fresh cider, a petting zoo, pony rides, a corn maze, and more. You could actually break up each of these individual items and charge separately for them. Setting up a pumpkin patch can be a lot of work but could generate a lot of revenue, especially if you are near a decent size city.

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70. Petting Zoo and Pony Rides

A lot of cities have festivals and fairs throughout the year. You could consider raising livestock that would work well for a petting zoo as well as ponies that would work well for pony rides. You could set up at these festivals and charge for people to participate.



71. Cabin Rentals, VRBO, and AirBNB

This would obviously be more of a long term investment but, if you have the space, you could build small cabins or an additional house and rent it out using services like AirBNB and VRBO. You could even set your property up in a way where these people could have some interaction with the animals you raise or the gardens you grow.

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72. Bed and Breakfast

Does your farm have a large house with extra rooms? You could consider turning it into a bed and breakfast. You could even serve your guests with the items you produce on your farm.

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73. Wedding Rentals

Is your property picturesque and does it have room for a venue space and parking? If so, you could consider renting it out for weddings. You would probably have to build some type of shelter for the wedding ceremony and reception along with bathrooms facilities Or, if you have a beautiful old barn, that may be even better.

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74. Birthday Parties

Similar to the ideas above, you could rent out your farm for birthday parties. You could even incorporate your petting zoo and pony rides.



75. Other Events and Parties

There are also lots of other events that you could rent out your farm for including business meetings, retreats, anniversaries, and holidays. Again, you’ll have to have the proper facilities and parking to pull it off.



76. Concerts

Open air concerts on a beautiful farm could be an awesome way to produce additional income for your farm. Building a small stage should be fairly simple and who doesn’t want to a live concert in a beautiful setting?



77. Farm Tours

If you have a unique farm or are raising your farm products using sustainable and permaculture methods, you could host farm tours once a year on your farm. And while your guests are there, you could have a store where they can purchase your farm goods.



78. U-Pick, You-Pick, Pick-Your-Own

One of my favorite things about the u-pick model is that you don’t have to pick the items yourself. Your guests do all the work. We have a u-pick farm near us that raises just blueberries for their u-pick operation and you wouldn’t believe how many people make the trip out there to pick their own.



79. Lease to Hunters

Hunting is big business in the U.S. and lots of other places. This is especially true if you have a good deer, turkey, or elk population on your farm. Most hunting leases don’t interfere with farming activities so they can be another great way to make money from your farm.



80. Camp Sites

Camping is big business in the U.S. If you have the space, you could consider renting out camp sites. Each site could be equipped with a fire pit and grill. You could even build central bathroom facilities along with running water if you didn’t want it to be too primitive.  Either way, renting out camp sites could be another way to generate some extra income for your farm.



81. Outdoor Fitness Classes

If you are into fitness, you could consider hosting outdoor fitness classes on the farm. How awesome would it be to host a workout class in the middle of a beautiful farm setting. Some people have even taken this a step further and host Goat Yoga classes where baby goats are allowed to roam freely during the yoga classes. You can’t make this stuff up.



Teach Others How to Farm

82. Farm Workshops (online and offline)

With the rise of sustainable agriculture and permaculture, there are tons of people wanting to learn how to farm using these methods. You could host workshops on your farm and charge a fee for people to come out so you can teach them how to farm using the methods you use. You can even record these sessions and sell them online or stream them to an audience live. This is another way to make money from farming.



83. Homesteading Workshops (online and offline)

With the rise of homesteading, prepping, and crafting, there is plenty of opportunity to teach people homesteading skills such as cutting wood, raising livestock, off-gridding, canning, cooking, making furniture, and more. The list goes on and on. If you have a homesteading skill you wish to share, the chances are high there is someone out there who wants to learn it. And again, you can also record these lessons or stream them over the internet (if you aren’t completely off-the-grid).



84. Homeschool Classes

Homeschoolers love field trips. I should know because all of my children are homeschooled. One idea is to offer homeschool classes on your farm. Since I believe in helping the next generation learn more about farming, one idea is to ask for donations instead of charging. Either way, it’s up to you.



85. Write Books & eBooks

With Amazon making it easier than ever to self-publish, consider writing books (whether they are physical or digital) and teach someone how to farm. You could also just write about your experiences on a farm or fictional farm stories. Whatever it is, writing a book can be a great way to spend your free time.

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86. Start a Blog

You can make money from blogging. It’s not a get rich quick endeavor but if you enjoy writing, you should consider sharing your skills, farming methods, and stories on a blog. Eventually, once you have enough traffic, you can monetize it with ads.



87. Start a YouTube Channel

Everyone has a camera on their phone now. Because of this, it’s very simple to start recording when you would like to share what you are doing on your farm. With YouTube, once you have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time within the last 12 months, you can monetize it with YouTube ads. The key is to keep posting interesting stuff. You can check out the Farmhacker YouTube channel here.

Recommended Video:



Homesteading Ideas to Make Money

88. Clothing

Do you know how to sew, knit, or crochet? If so, you could consider making clothing items such as hats, scarves, gloves, blankets, and more. You could then use a site like Etsy to promote and sell your items. If you raise your own fibers to make yarn and fabrics, this can be a nice additional touch.

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89. Quilts

Quilting is quickly becoming a lost art. But that doesn’t mean that people don’t want quilts. It’s just that the younger generations are not continuing on these traditions. A nice quilt can go for a lot of money.

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90. Wreaths

Making wreaths from trees and plants on your farm can be a great way to make money on a small farm. And if you raise Christmas trees on your farm then you can also make wreaths out of the ones that you can’t sell.

Recommended Reading:



91. Primitive Wood Decor Items & Signs

Do you enjoy working with wood? You could consider making decorations out of wood like signs, wall decor, checkerboards, cubbies, and various other decorations. You can even consider making these out of wood pallets which are very easy to come by.

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92. Walking Sticks

Custom made walking sticks can be very beautiful. Some of the most interesting ones I’ve seen have been made out of trees and branches that were wrapped in vines. And remember, a walking stick can be used for more than just getting around when you’re old. They can also be used for hiking.

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93. Milled Lumber

If you have nice timber on your property or have access to timber somewhere else, you could consider milling it into lumber or flooring. You would need to purchase some equipment for this such as a saw mill. But nice lumber can be sold for a good price.

Recommended Reading:



94. Dog Houses

If you are handy and can build things quickly, you could consider building dog houses in your free time. A nice looking custom built dog house can be sold for a good price.



95. Backyard Chicken Coops

Backyard chickens are becoming very popular. Typically, people that raise chickens in their backyards don’t need a large coop. You could consider building and selling small coops for people that want a backyard flock. Another idea is to sell a complete kit that includes a coop, a few chickens, a feeder, a waterer, and a bag of feed. How awesome would it be to come home and have a complete chicken setup ready and waiting for you.

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96. Bird House, Bird Feeders, and Bat Houses

Bird houses, bird feeders, and bat houses are another item that can be built relativity quickly. And you could build some very beautiful ones that are hard to find at the store. Think about what a birdhouse mansion would look like.

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97. Rabbit Houses

If you are interested in selling rabbits, you could also sell rabbit houses to go along with them. You could also sell movable rabbit tractors so people can let their rabbits mow their grass for them.

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98. Beehives

Beehives can be hard to find locally. If you know how to build them you could consider selling them as an additional way to make money. This could work really well if you are also selling honey bees with them.

Recommended Reading:



99. Furniture

Do you know how to build furniture like chairs and tables? There is a huge market right now for farmhouse tables and they aren’t cheap. If you mill your own lumber, you could even use it to build some of these to sell.

Recommended Reading:



100. Pottery

Do you know how to make pottery? And do you have a wheel and a kiln? If so, you could sell some of your pottery as an additional way to make money on a small farm.

Recommended Reading:



101. Paintings

Do you know how to paint? You could make paintings of beautiful farm scenes (maybe even from your own farm) and sell them as another income stream.

Recommended Reading:



102. Jewelry

Are you interested in making jewelry? Some of the neatest jewelry I’ve ever seen was created using recycled material. This kind of stuff seems to do well on Etsy.

Recommended Reading:



103. Photography

Do you have any skills as a photographer? If so, you could offer your services for weddings, senior photos, family photos, or even photos. You can also consider taking photos and selling them as stock photos. There are several sites you can list your photos on for sale.

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104. Hauling

If you have a farm, chances are you have a truck and trailer. If so, you could consider hauling items for people. You could advertise your services on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.



105. Tree Removal

If you know how to fell trees, you could offer a tree removal service. Instead of chipping the wood, you could haul it off and sell it as firewood as an additional way to make money on a small farm.

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106. Turn Your Trade Into a Side-Hustle

Do you know a professional trade such as HVAC repair, plumbing, car repair, computer repair, or carpentry? If so, you could use your trade as a side-hustle and make extra income whenever you need it.

Recommended Reading:



How to Make Money Farming 5 Acres

A common question I hear is how do you make money farming 5 acres? This is probably because 5 acres seems like the perfect farm size or homestead size in most peoples’ minds. The truth is almost every idea in this article can be applied in some way or another to make money on 5 acres.

However, the more acreage you have the easier it is to scale these small farm income ideas up to make even more money from farming. At a certain point you would have to hire help though. A 5 acre farm is definitely a good start though.



How to Make Money on 10 Acres

The second most common question I see in regards to acreage is how do you make money on 10 acres? The great thing about a 10 acre property is that, in some states and counties, 10 acres and above is officially classified as a farm which means it falls under a much lower property tax bracket. This is true in the state I live in.

Also, lots of home mortgage brokers will typically still give you a home loan for a house sitting on 10 acres. If you want to buy a house with more acreage than that, you may have to look into a land loan or a farm loan.

With that being said, again, the small farm income ideas listed above may work even better on a 10 acre farm than a 5 acre farm. More acreage will allow you to do more with the land and scale up your operations as necessary.



What are some ways to make money farming that I have left out of my list? Please share them in the comments below.



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