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Are you looking to streamline your chicken butchering process. Here are the best chicken killing cones to make processing chickens much easier for you.

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If you raise chickens and process them yourself, having a good killing cone will make the entire process much easier. It’s important to get the rise size cone based on the size of the chicken you will be butchering. With that being said, here are our favorites.



The Best Chicken Killing Cone Overall

Yardbird makes quality products. And this kill cone is no different.

Designed to hold a 2 to 8 lb chicken, it is 9.6 inches wide at the top, 19.7 inches tall, and has a 3 inch opening at the bottom.

Made from stainless steel, it’s very easy to clean.

My favorite thing about it is the metal on the top and bottom is folded over making it less sharp than other cones.

This is our choice for best overall chicken killing cone.



The Best Chicken Killing Cone Second Choice

Style wise, this is similar to the previous killing cone. The metal on the top and bottom is not folded over like the previous one though.

This one, however, has a slightly larger opening at the bottom. The medium cone has a 3.5 inch opening and the large cone has a 4 inch opening.

The medium cone is probably better for small to medium size meat birds while the large cone is better for larger meat birds.

This is our choice for second best chicken killing cone.



How Do You Use a Chicken Killing Cone?

When using a chicken killing cone to butcher chickens, simply place the chicken in the cone upside down and pull their head gently through the bottom opening so their beak is facing you.

Simply cut the carotid artery on the side of the chicken’s neck with a poultry knife. Some people only cut it one one side. I prefer to cut it on both.

Once the chicken has bled out and is no longer alive, it is ready to be scalded with a scalder and defeathered with a plucker.



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