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Are you wanting to hatch some baby chicks, ducks, or other birds? Here are the best egg incubators that are sure to make hatching chicken eggs, duck eggs, and other bird as easy as possible.

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To some people, the pinnacle of raising chickens is when you start to hatch your own instead of buying chicks at the store. If you are ready to make that jump, you’ll need a good incubator to help make the process as easy as possible. Here are our favorites.



The Best Egg Incubator Overall

If you are looking for a simple, straightforward egg incubator then this Magicfly Digital Mini is our choice for best egg incubator.

It can hold up to 9 regular sized chicken eggs and more eggs for smaller birds.

It also automatically turns the eggs so you don’t have to.

It doesn’t have a humidity thermometer but you could add your own hygrometer if you want to keep a watch on the humidity levels.

For a simple, easy to use egg incubator, this is a great choice.



The Best Egg Incubator Second Choice

The Brinsea Products Mini II is another great egg incubator.

It holds 7 eggs and automatically rotates them for you.

It doesn’t hold as many eggs as the previous incubator, however, I love the layout and the clear plastic so you can easily watch your chickens as they hatch.

It also doesn’t have a hygrometer but you could add your own.

For a great incubator and the ability to watch your chickens as they hatch, this is our choice for second best egg incubator.



Best Egg Incubator That’s Large

We really like the previous egg incubators but, if you are planning on hatching lots of eggs, you need something larger.

For that, this Magicfly incubator holds up to 24 eggs and should work great for you.

Like the previous incubators, this one will also automatically control temperature and rotate the eggs for you.

If you are wanting to hatch a lot of eggs, this is our choice for best egg incubator that holds lots of eggs.



What Temperature Do Chicken Eggs Need to Be to Hatch?

Chicken eggs need to have a constant temperature between 99 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit or roughly between 37.5 and 38.5 degrees Celsius.


How Long Does It Take Chicken Eggs to Hatch?

Chicken eggs have an average incubation period of 21 days from once incubation begins to when they actually hatch.


What Does the Humidity Level Need to Be to Hatch a Chicken Egg?

The humidity level needs to be around 50 percent for the first 17 days and then raised to around 70 percent for the remaining days before hatching.



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