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Keeping your chicken’s drinking water from freezing in the winter shouldn’t be a chore. Here are the best heated chicken waterers to make sure your chickens always have fresh drinking water on those cold winter days.

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When raising chickens in a colder climate, you’ll quickly learn that dealing with frozen drinking water can be a huge pain. You’ll be constantly breaking up ice so they can get a drink.

If you do this enough, you may even break their waterer in the process. This is why it’s good to invest in a good heated chicken waterer or a heater for their existing waterer.

And if you are looking for non-heated ones, check out our post on the best chicken waterers.

With that being said, here are our favorites.



Best Heated Chicken Waterer Overall

Since most people reading this article probably already have a chicken waterer, this Harris Farms heated poultry drinker base is our choice for best heated chicken waterer.

Simply place the heated base under your existing chicken waterer to keep it from freezing during the winter.

It works with both metal and plastic chicken drinkers.

It has a built-in thermostat so it will turn on automatically whenever it gets below freezing.

I personally have one of these and it works great with my metal chicken waterer. The key is to make sure it’s level and there is no debris between it and the drinker.

If you want a simple solution that works with your existing chicken waterers, this Harris Farms heated base will work great for you.



Best Heated Chicken Waterer Runner Up

If you don’t already have a chicken waterer, this Farm Innovators heated poultry fountain can serve as a chicken waterer all year round.

It also has a built-in thermostat that can turn the heating element on whenever the weather gets below freezing.

I’m personally not a fan of these types of plastic waterers because you have to remove the top from the bottom to fill them up, however, this waterer has plug in the bottom that makes it easier to fill.

So, if you are looking to buy a waterer that will function all year round then this Farm Innovators heated poultry fountain is our runner up for best heated chicken waterer.



Best Heated Chicken Waterer Nipple System

If your chickens know how to drink from a nipple system then this Farm Innovators heated poultry nipple drinker will is a great option for the winter.

Unlike other plastic waterers, it can be filled up from the top. It can also hang so it doesn’t have to rest on the ground.

It has 3 nipples and is rated for up to 15 chickens.

It has an automatic thermostat to turn it on and off when needed.

With all of these great features, this is our choice for best heated chicken nipple waterer.



Best Heated Chicken Waterer Bowl

This Pet Products 2020 Thermal-Bowl is not designed specifically for chickens but can work for chickens as well.

Since there is no lid, it’s super easy to fill up. Just dump the water in and you are good to go.

This is really nice in the winter when you don’t want to touch a waterer and remove its lid.

The downside with a bowl is that the water typically gets dirtier than enclosed waterers but the trade-off is how simple they are to fill up.

If you are looking for a heated bowl then this Pet Products 2020 Thermal-Bowl is our choice for best heated chicken waterer bowl.



Best Heated Chicken Waterer on a Budget

If you want to build your own heated chicken waterer like the one shown in this video then you will need a 40 watt incandescent light bulb and a outlet-to-lampholder adapter.

I have personally built one of these before. It didn’t keep the water completely unfrozen during the really cold nights but for most normal winter days it worked fine.

If you want to save light bulbs and electricity then the HEATIT ET-21 Thermostatatically Controlled Outlet is an optional add-on. It will automatically turn the heater on and off depending on the temperature outside.

This cheap solution is our choice for best budget heated chicken waterer.



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  1. Chris

    Thanks Casey! This is great information. I don’t have any power near our coop but we have great sun exposure. Have you guys tried your hand at running solar to your chicken coop?

    1. Casey

      I haven’t but that sounds like a great idea. If you end up doing that, please feel free to report back with how you did it. Thanks!

  2. Tom Ballard

    You missed an excellent heated chicken waterer from Premier 1. Kinda pricey, but they work great. I have two that I use in the winter.

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