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Are you looking for a new chicken feeder for your flock? Well look no further! Here are the best chicken feeders along with recommendations based on how you raise your chickens.

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Best Chicken Feeder That’s Wall Mounted

If you are looking to mount a chicken feeder on a coop, a wall, or a fence, this RentACoop 25lb Metal chicken feeder is a great choice.

It has a hood on the front that is designed to keep rainwater out so your feed stays dry. And its metal design makes it very durable.

There are two models with one holding 25 lbs and the other holding 50 lbs. That’s a lot of feed.

Because of these features, this is our choice for best wall mounted chicken feeder.



Best Chicken Feeder That’s Portable

This Little Giant Galvanized Poultry Feeder can be used as a hanging feeder but I prefer to use these on the ground.

These feeders are great for pastured poultry or free range chickens.

The feed bowl goes all the way around the feeder allowing multiple chickens to eat at once.

And since this feeder is metal, it should last you a long time.

The Little Giant Feeder is our choice for best portable chicken feeder.



Best Chicken Feeder That’s Portable on a Budget

If you want the cheaper version of the above feeder then this Harris Farms Hanging Poultry Feeder is a good choice.

Because it’s plastic, it isn’t as durable as a metal feeder so you’ll want to keep that in mind.

The feed bowl also goes all the way around the feeder so multiple chickens can eat at once.

For a budget option though, these Harris Farms feeders are our choice for best portable chicken feeder on a budget.



Best Chicken Feeder Tray

When raising my free-range chickens, pastured chickens, or broilers in a chicken tractor, I schedule feed them instead of leaving feed in the feeder all day.

Tray feeders allow me to feed a lot of chickens at once. Because of that, I prefer these tray style feeders for this type of chicken operation.

Since these tray feeders are metal, they can also handle the abuse of being moved around with my chickens.

If you are looking for the best chicken feeder tray, these Harris Farms 36-inch tray feeders are a good choice.



Best Chicken Feeder Tray on a Budget

If you are looking for a tray style feeder on a budget, this Little Giant feeder is a good option.

This tray feeder is plastic so it’s not as durable as the metal tray feeder above. However, it does have a cover which is nice at keeping the chickens out of the feed itself.

Because of their low profile and size, these types of feeders also work great for baby chicks.

If you are looking for the cheaper version of a tray feeder then this Little Giant Flip Top Poultry feeder is our choice for best chicken feeder tray on a budget.



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