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Are you looking for a way to keep your chickens warm in the winter? Here are the best chicken coop heaters that will keep your chickens thawed out and help with egg production during the winter.

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Chickens are surprisingly hardy and can do well even in the winter. But in some climates, a little extra heat may be necessary. Besides keeping them comfortable, heat can promote egg production which tends to slow down in the winter. To help with this, here are our favorite chicken coop heaters to help you raise chickens happy chickens.



Best Chicken Coop Heater Overall

If you are looking for a hanging heater for your chicken coop, the Sweeter Heater is a great choice.

This heater is an infrared heater making it different than others. It’s not designed to warm the space up but rather the animal that’s under it.

Because it’s infrared, it’s uses less energy to operate. The manufacturer estimates the average weekly energy cost to run 24×7 is $3.02.

It has a built in thermostat that will automatically shut it off if heat can’t escape if it falls.

It’s also virtually unbreakable and is sealed so it can be washed if necessary.

With all of these features, this is our choice for overall best chicken coop heater.



Best Chicken Coop Heater That’s a Pad

If you are looking for a chicken coop heater that’s a pad that can be placed under chickens or side mounted to a coop, the K&H Thermo-Chicken Heated Pad will work great.

It only uses about 40 watts of electricity and has pre-drilled screw holes so it can be mounted to the side of a coop.

It’s very durable and even has a chew resistant cord.

This is our choice for best chicken coop heating pad.



Best Chicken Coop Heater That’s a Perch

Did you know that you can get a roost that is also a heater? This K&H Thermo-Chicken Perch has heat running through it so it warms the chickens feet as well as their body.

It is 3 feet long and has legs to keep it off of the ground.

It is controlled by a thermostat so it will automatically turn on when the temperature drops.

This is our choice for best chicken coop heater perch.



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