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Want to be the life of your next farm party? Then you must stop what you are doing and learn how to hypnotize a chicken today.



Introduction to Chicken Hypnosis

Today on Farmhacker we are going to have a little fun. If you didn’t already know, it is possible to hypnotize a chicken using the technique I outline below. Don’t worry! It doesn’t harm the chicken and it doesn’t take much to snap them out of it.

So why would you want to do this? For bragging rights, of course. But seriously, it’s just something so weird and fun to try. Plus, it’s kind of a cool farm party trick.

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Why Is Is It Possible to Hypnotize a Chicken?

We aren’t exactly sure why a chicken can be hypnotized but ethologists think it’s a defensive mechanism similar to when an animal plays dead. They refer to this behavior as tonic immobility or ‘apparent death’.

This behavior is not exclusive to chickens, however, the method I’m going to show you seems to only work on chickens. With that being said, here’s how you can hypnotize a chicken by drawing a line in front of them in 5 easy steps.



How to Hypnotize a Chicken

Chicken Being Gently Placed on the Ground to be Hypnotized

Step 1: Place the chicken gently on a surface that you can draw a line on. In this example, we are placing it on concrete where we can draw a line with chalk. However, other people have used this same method by drawing a line in dirt or sand.


Pointing the Chicken's Head Toward the Ground so It Can Be Hypnotized

Step 2: Gently point the chickens head down so it’s looking at the ground in front of it.


Drawing a Straight Line in Front of the Chicken to Hypnotize It

Step 3: Draw a straight line in front of the chicken going away from the chicken’s beak while keeping the chicken focused on it. You may have to draw the line a few times over top of itself to make sure the chicken can see it well.


A Hypnotized Chicken

Step 4: Let go of the chicken and it should be hypnotized.


The Chicken Has Woken up After Being Hypnotized

Step 5: When you are finished, wake the chicken up by helping it not to remain fixated on the line anymore.

And that’s it! You have successfully learned how to hypnotize a chicken by drawing a line in front of it.



Video Examples of Hypnotizing a Chicken

This is a video of me hypnotizing a chicken that I also use as a trailer for the Farmhacker YouTube channel.


This is funny video of someone erasing the line after hypnotizing a chicken.


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