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Kids love LEGOs! And if they are into farming then they’ll love these sets. Here are the best LEGO farm sets so your child can build the most amazing farm ever.

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Do your kids dream of becoming a farmer? They may be too young to pursue their farming passions now but that doesn’t mean that they still can’t build their own.

Here is our collection of our favorite LEGO farm sets. And don’t forget, adults can play with them too.



1. LEGO City – Farm #7637

Looking for the best overall farm LEGO set? Well, this is the one for you.

This LEGO set is by far the most well-rounded set we have. With a gender-neutral design and a wide range of equipment, this set will serve as the one-stop-shop for all your kid’s LEGO needs.

With a classic design, this set can be easily combined with other sets in the series or any LEGOs for that matter.

This is our choice for overall best LEGO farm set.



2. LEGO Friends – Sunshine Ranch #41039

LEGO Friends is a series for younger girls that focuses on positive companionship and education. This LEGO set is no exception to that. With generally more complex builds, compared to starter sets, these are great LEGO sets for fun and for learning.

This is our choice for best LEGO Friends Farm Set.



3. LEGO Friends – Mia’s Foal Stable #41361

Similar to the last set, this set is much smaller and focuses on a livestock perspective. Still a great set that runs a bit cheaper than some of the bigger sets on this list.

This is our choice for best cheap LEGO Friends Farm Set.



4. LEGO Minecraft – The Farm Cottage #21144

Minecraft is a popular video game known for its in-game farming features. Recently LEGO started making Minecraft sets.

These sets are designed with authenticity and originality in mind, meaning you won’t find any special pieces in here, just the original plain bricks like the good ol’ days. This will definitely be a great set for older boys as it centers around the creative building process.

This is our choice for best LEGO Minecraft Farm Set.



5. LEGO Minecraft – The Farm #21114

This is our choice for the second best LEGO Minecraft Farm Set.



6. LEGO Minecraft – The Chicken Coop #21140

This LEGO set is great for those who are interested in the Minecraft theme but don’t want to spend as much money to get the experience.  This set features a chicken coop theme that comes with a chicken along with other animals along with the base and building.

This is our choice for best cheap LEGO Minecraft Farm Set.



7. LEGO City – Tractor #7634

Instead of buying a big LEGO set, you can stick with buying individual components on a larger farm. With this LEGO set, you get a tractor and a Minifigure.

So, while lacking the larger farm, you can easily add this to a preexisting creation or build-up from here.

This is our choice for best LEGO Tractor Set.



8. LEGO Creator – Mini Tractor #30284

Still, looking for a small LEGO set or specifically a tractor? The other one can get pricey or even seem overkill and intimidating for some.

With this LEGO set, you get a smaller approach while also getting the look you want.

This is our choice for best cheap LEGO Tractor Set.



9. LEGO City – Pig Farm & Tractor #7684

This LEGO set is a great all-around project suitable for a younger audience. This set features a smaller build with a wider range of activities.

Those additional activities or features are a tractor, trailer, animal yard, and Minifigures and animals. We totally recommend this set!

This is our choice for best LEGO Pig Farm & Tractor Set.



10. LEGO City – Combine Harvester #7636

This LEGO set is more complex but is perfect for the true farmer at heart. It features a more specific and specialized machine that is more tailored towards older kids who might know a little more about farming than others.

Fuel their passion with this amazing set!

This is our choice for best LEGO Combine Harvester Set.



11. LEGO City – Harvester Transport #60223

This is a similar harvest that has a few more moving pieces. If you are looking for versatility in components then this is the set for you.

Especially if that last set was a little more complex than you’re looking for.

This is our choice for best cheap LEGO Harvester Set.



12. LEGO Kingdoms – Mill Village Raid #7189

Looking for something a little more vintage? Well, this isn’t it, in fact, it goes back to a simpler more archaic time with an old-timey farm set.

This set is complete with an old mill and farmhouse and all the Minifigures you need to run it.

This is our choice for best LEGO Kingdoms Farm Set.



13. LEGO Minifigure – Farmer #71011

And here’s an additional Minifigure that is perfect to add to any sets you already have!

This is our choice for best LEGO Farmer Minifigure.



14. LEGO City – Farmer #7566

This LEGO set is great if you just need a couple of extra pieces or are just looking for the bare necessities. With a farmer, two animals, and a feeding station you have everything you need to start building your LEGO farm experience.

This is our choice for best cheap LEGO Farm Set.



15. LEGO DUPLO – Big Farm #10525

Start them off young with this farm-themed LEGO DUPLO set! This set will be much easier for younger children to operate while still entertaining them.

We definitely recommend this set for any young kids who want to start their farming journeys.

This is our choice for best LEGO DUPLO Farm Set.



16. LEGO DUPLO – Farm Animals #10870

Still interested in DUPLO but not looking for as big a set? Then this is the one for you. Equipped with the same farming spirit in fewer pieces this will accomplish the job for a cheaper price.

This is our choice for best cheap LEGO DUPLO Farm Set.




What about you? What’s your favorite LEGO farm set? Or did we miss one? Let us know in the comments below.



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