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Here are the 10 best farming magazines in 2020 for a small farm, permaculture, sustainable agriculture, and homesteading. Whether you are making money from your farm or just providing for your family, these magazines are for you.

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Do you have a small farm, hobby farm, or homestead? Are you involved in permaculture, sustainable agriculture, or organic agriculture? Or do you want to become a farmer?

If so, we have compiled a list of the 10 best farming magazines for you. Each of these magazines cover a different aspect of those types of farms so look through the list and find the ones that fit exactly what you are doing with your farm.



Farming Magazines List

If you are involved in sustainable agriculture in any way, Acres USA magazine is a must. The articles are chock-full of great information and written in a way that anyone can understand. I’m always amazed at not only how practical the information is but also how well researched the articles are. This is definitely my favorite farm magazines for sustainable farming.



If you have a small farm and are interested in a wide variety of farming techniques, tips, and hacks then this magazine is for you. One of the great things about Hobby Farms Magazine is that not only do they show you how you can feed your family off of a small farm, they even show you how to make money from part-time farming. Definitely one of the best farming magazines out there.



If you are interested in permaculture, hobby farming, and sustainable living, Mother Earth News Magazine is amazing. I see a lot of interesting farm hacks on the internet (as I’m sure you do too) but this magazine still covers things I’ve never thought about before. People can be very creative with the solutions they come up with on their farms and Mother Earth News never fails to do a great job showing these off. This is another one of my favorite farming magazines.



Covering all aspects for farm life, Grit Magazine is the small farm magazine that you need. Whether you want to build your own barn, raise chickens, or raise a garden, or store up your bounty, this farming magazine covers it along with a lot more.



More than just a farming magazine, Self-Reliance Magazine covers all areas of homesteading and self-sufficiency. If that is also your desire for what you want to do on your small farm, this is a great magazine for you. Self-Reliance Magazine is delivered quarterly instead of monthly like other magazines but that shouldn’t stop you from subscribing.



Backwoods Home Magazine is another great magazine if you are interested in homesteading and being self-sufficient. It’s similar to Self-Reliance Magazine but goes beyond that where it also has sections on firearms and politics. If you are okay with reading about those things too then check it out as well. This magazine is also delivered quarterly.



Countryside & Small Stock Journal covers everything from homesteading, gardening, raising livestock, and sustainable living. This magazine is great at giving you simple instructions for solving practical problems on your farm. In other words, it’s not just a magazine of farm theory but rather down-to-earth practical advice. It’s another one of the best farming magazines out there.



If you aren’t familiar with the concept of permaculture then you should be. Permaculture is a set of design principles to help you build systems that work with nature instead of against it. It goes beyond farming but farming is where permaculture systems can be the most practical. Permaculture principles can help you design farming systems that require little input and a lot less work. In other words, it will help you make your farm much easier to manage and more sustainable.

Permaculutre magazine covers all things related to the permaculture lifestyle but mostly covers sustainable agriculture, organic gardening, and eco-friendly building techniques.



More of an enjoyable read rather than practical, Farm & Ranch Living Magazine covers life on the farm in various forms across the country. This magazine is full of beautiful pictures and wonderful stories of farm life. It you are looking for inspiration, this magazine will deliver.



If you raise livestock and are interested in sustainable agriculture, you need this magazine. Joel Salatin is the editor and if you are familiar with him and his farming methods, you’ll love The Stockman Grass Farmer. They even offer a free sample issue by filling out the form on their homepage. As a sustainable livestock farmer myself, this is one of my favorite sustainable farming magazines.


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