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Are you looking for a system to help your tomatoes grow and keep them off of the ground? Here are the best tomato cages, tomato stakes, and tomato trellises to increase your yield and keep your tomatoes strong.

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Best Tomato Cages

If you are looking for tomato cages that are strong, sturdy, and tall, these K-Brands Tomato Cages are a great choice.

Different than other cages, you actually assemble these yourself based on how high you want the cage to be.

They are made of metal rods that are coated in plastic to prevent rust and can be connected together to build a cage up to 72 inches tall.

This is our choice for best tomato cages.



Best Tomato Stakes

If you are looking for tomato stakes, these Growsun Garden Stakes will work really well.

These stakes are made from metal with a ribbed plastic coating that makes it easy to tie your tomatoes to.

You can choose between 4-ft or 5-ft stakes depending on the type of tomato plants you want to use them with.

This is our choice for best tomato stakes.



Best Tomato Trellises

If you are looking for an awesome tomato trellis system, we recommend the GrowBiggerPlants RollerHook Tomato Trellis.

With this reel and string system, you mount the reel above the plant and then secure the sting near the base of the plant.

Then, you clip the tomato stem to the string as the tomato plant grows. This makes it easy to grow very tall tomato plants.

This is our choice for best tomato trellis system.



Best Tomato Cages, Stakes, & Trellis Combo

If you want to design and build your own custom tomato system, this BLIKA Tomato Support System is a good option.

You can use it to build cages, trellises, tomato towers, ladder planters or you can just use the stakes to stake your plants.

This is our choice for best tomato cages, stakes, and trellis combo.



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  1. Chris

    These all need to be assembled out of 10,000 pieces and then they fall apart when you rip them out of the ground in the fall. The “best” tomato cage would be foldable and made from metal so that they last years and don’t require assembly from a billion sub components every year.

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