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Do you raise pigs and have to deal with freezing water in the winter? Here are the 2 best heated pig waterers. One is a budget friendly option while the other is the best overall option if you want a great long-term solution.

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If you are looking for non-heated pig waterers, check out our post on the best pig waterers.


For me, winters on the farm are typically a little more relaxed and are a time to take things a little more slowly. I hope that yours can be the same.

A big part of this is putting a good system in place to keep your livestock water from freezing. Otherwise, it will be a constant battle that nature always wins.

In the article below, I’ve listed two of the best heated pig waterer systems that will keep you sane and your pigs healthy during the cold winter months.



Overall Best Heated Pig Waterer

This heated pig waterer has so many great features. First of all, it’s tough. When dealing with pigs you need something that can’t be torn up easily. This heated hog waterer is surrounded by a steel jacket to keep the insides protected.

It also has a built-in float valve that will keep it full throughout the winter if you run a buried water line to it. Not having to constantly haul water or fill up a pig waterer with a hose during the winter makes life much easier.

It comes with a built-in 500 watt heating element that is controlled by a thermostat. Again, not having to break up ice in the winter is the main reason you need this thing.

The lids that cover the water trays prevent debris from falling in. The pigs can easily lift them up with their snouts.

It is designed so you can install it in a fence line. This means you can provide water to two different pig paddocks at once by sticking the waterer through the middle of the fence.

Or you could use once side for your hogs and the other side for any other type of farm animal. Just remove the lid if they have trouble lifting it up.

And last but not least, it has a 2 year warranty.



Cheapest Heated Pig Waterer

Here is a video I made of one of my heated hog waterer systems that I use during the winter. This is by far the cheapest heated pig waterer you can assemble. It can easily be made by using a tank heater and a water trough.

You will need to be close to a power source to make this work since it has to be plugged in. I personally keep my animals closer to the house during the winter and I recommend developing a system where you can do the same.

You will also have to manually fill it up with water when it gets low. I use a water hose to fill mine up and then walk the hose out once it’s done so it doesn’t freeze.

If you don’t have a water trough, here’s one I recommend. Make sure you use a float guard with your tank heater since the trough is plastic. You should always use a float guard anyway to keep your animals from getting burned but this is even more important with a plastic trough.



What About a Heated Nipple Drinker for Pigs?

Heated Nipple Drinker 55 Gallon Barrel

It is also possible to set up a heated nipple drinker for pigs. If your nipple waterers are built into a 55 gallon barrel (or some other large water container) like mine, you could put a tank heater inside of it.

The nipple can still freeze up on very cold days or nights so it’s not my preferred method. But if your winters aren’t too bad, it is an option.


If you found this guide helpful or have any questions, please let us know in the comments.



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  1. Vanessa

    How do you stop your pigs from playing with the tank heater? They play and chew on everything, so I am trying to devise a waterer where they can’t access the cord and/or pull the heater from the tank.
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Casey

      I make sure that the water trough is right up against the fence so they can’t get a hold of the cord. In other words, the cord to the tank heater would go right through the fence and straight into the water trough. As far as the heater itself goes, I’ve never had an issue with them bothering it. You could buy the guard to make it a little harder for them to get to it if you are worried. You could even build some type of cover over half of the water trough and put the tank heater under that.

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