Last Updated on January 10, 2023

Whether you are looking for the best pig feeder for a large herd, small herd, piglets, sow, or a single pig, we have carefully selected the best hog feeders available this year. Each feeder has been carefully selected for the different needs you may have depending on how you raise your pigs.

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Overall Best Pig Feeder

This Brower hog feeder is tough and is built to withstand abuse from both pigs and the weather. It can hold 7 bushels of feed which you could roughly estimate to be about 300 lbs of pig grower. With feed trays on both sides, it is designed to feed up to 40 pigs. Each tray has a lid to keep rain and snow out. And because of it’s size, it is considered portable. This is great if you pasture your pigs and want to move a feeder around. But it can just as well serve stationary pigs as well.



Best Pig Feeder Trough

If you use scheduled feedings instead of free-feedings, this Behlen County pig feed trough is a great option. It is 4 feet long, has 4 trays, and is built to withstand the abuses it is likely to receive from your hogs. I highly recommend that you bolt it to a wood frame to keep the pigs from tipping it over.



Best Single Door Pig Feeder

If you have a smaller herd, a sow, or are wanting individual feeders for separate pins or paddocks, this Brower single door hog feeder will work great. It holds up to 1.5 bushels which is roughly about 75 lbs of pig grower. Even with the single door, it is designed to feed up to 4 pigs.



Best Baby Piglet Creep Feeder

This baby piglet feeder by Miller Co is great for recently weened piglets or to use as a creep feeder. It is smaller than most pig feeders so piglets will have easy access to their feed. It can also be mounted to a wall or board to keep it stationary. It does not have lids so you’ll want to keep it under some type of overhang.



Best Pig Feeder Pan

If you are just looking for something cheap but still tough, this pig feeder pan by Little Giant will do the trick. One of the great things about these is that they are just the right size to fit inside of a tire to keep the pigs from tipping it over or moving it around.



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