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Are you having trouble keeping water in your pond? I would like to show you how to seal a pond naturally with pigs along with some before and after pictures so you can see how well this method really works.

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Introduction to How to Seal a Pond Naturally With Pigs


Our Pond With Low Water - How to Seal a Pond Naturally With Pigs

On our farm we had a pond that was terrible at holding water. Even in the rainy season it was always low. Above is a picture of the pond while it was still leaking water.

You’ll notice how shallow it is from the branches sticking out of the water in the middle. Also, notice how high the banks are.

When the pond was originally dug, it was supposed to be much deeper and the water was supposed to go all the way to the top of those banks.

I had always heard about people using pigs to stop a leaky pond but I had never seen it done before. So I decided to test this theory out and attempt to seal a pond naturally with the pigs that we raise on our farm.



Letting Pigs in the Pond

Pigs Laying in Our Pond - How to Seal a Pond Naturally With Pigs

So, I extended one of my pig paddocks into my pond area so my pigs could go to the pond any time they wanted to. And as you can see, they loved it.

The pigs would not only dig parts of it out for mud pits but they would also lay around and waller on the edges which would really pack the mud in.

And not only that, they were constantly walking around it which packed the soil in even more.


Polywire Fence Around the Pond to Keep the Pigs in - How to Seal a Pond Naturally With Pigs

When I extended my existing paddock around my pond I used the same type of poly wire and step-in posts electric fence setup that I always use. My pigs are always happy so I never have an issue with them getting out.

And there were some added benefits for the pigs. They had a way to cool off during the hot summer days whenever they wanted and they also had an unlimited water source.



The Result of Letting Pigs in the Pond

Our Pond Holds Twice as Much Water Now - How to Seal a Pond Naturally With Pigs

So, what did all of this do for the pond? Well, here’s the pond now. It’s winter and the pigs are no longer in the pond area but as you can see it holds about twice as much water now and is much wider than it was before. The water now goes all the way up to the top of the banks. The water is also much clearer because the mud on the banks is no longer washing into the pond when it rains and vegetation now grows all the way up to the edge of the pond so it’s much healthier in general.



Before and After Letting Pigs in the Pond

Before and After Pictures of Our Pond - How to Seal a Pond Naturally With Pigs

Before and After Pictures of Our Pond - How to Seal a Pond Naturally With Pigs

Here’s a side-by-side comparison. Again, notice how low it was on the left compared to how high and wide it is now on the right.

Also, notice how much clearer the water is now and how the vegetation goes all the way up to the edge now. The pond is in much better shape than it was before.

So now you have proof that letting your pigs get into a leaky pond can help it to stop leaking and your pigs will love it too. This is truly a natural way to seal a pond and you allow the pig’s natural instinct to cool off in the mud to work in your favor.

My favorite definition of permaculture is to let nature work so you don’t have to and that’s exactly what I did here.


Video Instructions


I hope you enjoyed this article. As always, let me know if you have any questions in the comments. I’m always happy to help.



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    I Have a 3/4 acre pond that has lost over 1/2 of its water and shrunk to half its original surface size. Would like to try pigs to seal but what if the leak is out in 3-4K’ deep water. I’m not sure where the leak is but it continues to go down.

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