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There are some essential farm tools that would be hard to live without on my farm. Today, I want to share the best farm tools for a small farm with you and, hopefully, help you have a much easier life on your farm.

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Introduction to The Best Farm Tools List

When you buy a farm, there are lots of farming tools that you’ll need to go along with it. You’ll need farm tools that can help you manage chores in all weather conditions including rain, sun, snow, sleet, and anything else mother nature can throw at you.

You’ll also need tools that can help you build stuff for your farm as well as repair all the broken things that will come your way. And you’ll need tools to help you garden and manage livestock.

With that being said, let’s dive into my favorite farm tools that make my life much easier on the farm.



The 15 Best Farm Tools for a Small Farm

1. Headlamp

Having a bright, reliable headlamp to use at night on your farm can be a game changer. I used to use a flash light but that meant I couldn’t use both hands to do what I needed to do.

Once I started using a head lamp, I was able to tackle many more tasks at night. Things like fixing fence, checking on animals, and checking your garden for pests are now much more easy to do when it’s dark out. And a bright headlamp like this one can make the night feel like the day.



2. Pocketknife

If you have never carried around a pocket knife before, you should start now. I’m so used to having mine on me now that I feel naked without it. I use it constantly for things like cutting packages open, cutting polywire, and cutting bailing twine.

I personally own this knife and it is my absolute favorite. I really like the grip it offers as well as the “speed safe” opening mechanism which is much better than the thumb stud that other knives have.

Also, Kershaw has an awesome warranty. The belt clip broke on mine so I filled out a form on their website and they mailed me another one for free. They have a free sharpening service as well.



3. Walkie Talkies

Using Walkie Talkies to communicate is a great way to stay in contact with your family while you are out on the farm. I leave one powered on at home and take one with me while I’m working around the farm. With the simple push of a button, everyone back at the house can hear me when I need to get in touch about something.

They also allow my wife to easily reach me when I’m needed or to tell me important things like dinner is ready. They don’t rely on cell service so they always work. And, best of all, my kids can take one with them while they are running all over the farm so we can check up on them.



4. Shovel

Every farmer needs a shovel. And if you want a shovel that will last forever, this is it. Made completely from steel, this shovel is really hard to bend or break. That combined with Fiskars’ lifetime warranty means that you’ll never have to buy another shovel again.

Funny story. I was digging a hole next to my electric fence when my shovel accidentally made contact with it. The combination of the shovel being made of steel and being stuck in the ground while it touched the fence gave me one of the worst electric fence shocks of my life. I can only laugh thinking about it now. So, I don’t recommend using this in close proximity to an electric fence.



5. Loppers

Having a nice pair of loppers can come be very handy on the farm. If your farm has a lot of honeysuckle and brush then you’ll really fall in love with these. I personally run a lot of fence near or through the woods and these cut through small trees and branches like butter.

What’s great about these is that they tackle a lot of jobs that I would normally have to get the chainsaw out for. And since they are Fiskars, they have a lifetime warranty.



6. Pitchfork

We move a lot of woodchips around on our farm. We use them for things like woodchip gardening and for animal bedding. The best method for moving wood chips around by hand is to use a pitchfork. And this fork is one of the best.

Made from steel and with an ergonomic design, this fork makes moving things like woodchips, hay, and other similar material around much easier. And again, it’s Fiskars so it has a lifetime warranty.



7. Garden Hoe

No farm tools list would be complete with out good garden hoe. If you are planning on doing any type of gardening, having a good garden hoe can make the difference between a back breaking summer or an enjoyable one. The shaft on these is made from aluminum. That combined with their long handle makes them much easier to hold and much easier to remove weeds with.

Once again, these are made by Fiskars which means they are not only built to last but it also have a lifetime warranty. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love Fiskars tools.



8. Electric Screwdriver

Building things on the farm can actually be very enjoyable with the right tools. This is especially true once you see a project come to fruition.

Having an electric screwdriver that can power through tough material as well as one with a long battery life will make building things much easier and enjoyable.

This Dewalt screwdriver is tried and trusted. A lot of contractors consider them to be one of the best. And once you use one, you’ll see why.



9. T-25 Torx Screws

You’ll also need some tough screws to go along with your tough screwdriver. I highly recommend using T-25 torx screws for all your projects. They rarely strip compared to phillips screws and rarely leave you frustrated because they are so easy to screw in.



10. Tool Kit

If you are new to farming or just don’t have a good set of tools yet, this 102-piece Craftsman home tool kit is a great starter set. Although it doesn’t have every hand tool you’ll ever need, it has what you need to get you started.

The set comes with a hammer, pliers, a socket set, various screw driver sizes, allen wrenches, and a tape measure. You can always start with this set and just add additional tools as you need them. And it’s a Craftsman set which has a full lifetime warranty.



11. Muck Boots

One of my favorite items on this farm tools list is Muck boots. I use mine constantly and more than anything else in this list. They are easy to slip on, waterproof, warm in the winter, and stand up to the abuse I put them through. The feeling of being able to walk through deep mud and through creek water without getting your feet wet is amazing.

And if you deal with livestock like me, you’ll know how much of a mess they can make. Muck boots can make a messy job much more enjoyable if that is even possible.



12. Gloves

Like a good pair of boots, a good pair of gloves can be just as important. Not only do you want to keep your hands warm in the winter, but you want to keep them protected from the harsh realities of farm life.

These gloves are really tough. You’ll want a tough pair of gloves so you aren’t constantly having to buy new ones. And because these gloves breathe so well, they are actually great to use in the summer too.



13. Sweat Band

This may seem like a strange addition to this farm tools list but trust me when I say a good sweat band can change your life on the farm. Summer chores are never fun whether it’s mowing the lawn, working in the garden, or putting up fence. Having a good sweatband to keep the sweat out of your eyes will make these chores so much more enjoyable.

The great thing about this type of sweat band is that it is designed to wick the sweat off your head and is made of thin material that breathes really easily. I hardly notice that I have mine on when I’m wearing it.



14. Wide Brim Hat

Being out in the hot sun for hours on end is no fun. But when farm work needs to get done you just can’t avoid it. Having a wide brim hat that is lightweight and breathes easily can make a hot summer day a little more easy.

These hats are great for gardening, putting up fence, or any other chore that requires you to be in the sun and stationary for a long period of time. Combine this hat with a sweatband and you’ll be in good shape.



15. Dust Mask

You may be asking, why is a dust mask on this farm tools list. I would have thought the same thing until I finally got one myself. I use mine for bush hogging, mowing, and moving around animal bedding.

If you deal with seasonal allergies, these can make farm life so much better. Previously, it would take me about a day to recover after bush hogging but, with this mask, I’m in much better shape than I once was.



Bonus: Chainsaw

I do believe chainsaws are an essential farm tool. I didn’t add a chainsaw to this list though because I have a separate article that covers the 5 Best Farm Chainsaws of 2020.

Husqvarna Best Chainsaw Picture


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